The Ship is sinking, and all the rafts are taken. Living in Trumpland


This past year has done a lot to most of us. We lost so many people on a personal and worldwide level. The kicker is that we are now entering into the era of “Trumpland.” It is not something that I think any of us thought would happen. I apologize in advance to any Republicans out there but… WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? I fought for Bernie Sanders, I wanted him to follow and continue with the work that President Obama started. That didn’t happen, so I got on board the Hillary Clinton boat. Election Night nearly gave me a heart attack. I ended up going to my neighborhood bar “The Lost Well” where I pounded several drinks with other people with that deer stuck in the headlights look.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. (I cringe to think of what his presidential portrait will look like, do they even have that color of orange in the oil paint color spectrum?). The country is once again divided and the republicans have control of the House and the Senate. Canada is starting to sound better and better all the time. I have to think though, as many of my friends have said “this is my country and I’m not going to let him fuck it up without a fight.”

This is that time that everyone should be thinking about Civil Disobedience and the fact that it is our job and their BOSS (yes, we pay their salary with our taxes) to tell them when they are doing it wrong. Number ONE wrong thing about Emperor Trump, he refuses to attend security briefings, and refuses to leave Trump Towers.  It is the JOB of the President to attend to daily security briefings and to speak to his staff about the security of our nation (that means us.) He refuses to do this. He has also blocked up a four block radius of downtown New York with Secret Service men who should all be protecting his ass at the White House. All of this is what we are starting off with. He and his republican cohorts plan to destroy what little is left of “The New Deal.” This means no Social Security, ergo no retirement that we have been paying into since we all took our first shitty job.  Medicare and Medicaid are also on the chopping block as well as the Affordable Care Act what most uninformed assholes call “Obama Care.”

A short history lesson, Universal Healthcare was first put on the table by Richard Nixon. Others have tried to get it passed into law including Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. This is not some newfangled thingy mabob created by President Obama. This is what he could get passed through the House and Senate. Universal Healthcare is what they have in countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada. It is what people refer to as the ever evil “Socialism.”  If it were Universal Healthcare, we would ALL pay more taxes so that EVERYONE could go to the doctor even if they had no money. This is the nightmare of pharmaceutical companies (who by the way have the most lobbyist besides tobacco companies) because it would also cover prescriptions. This would mean that they wouldn’t be able to charge thousands of dollars for a pill that someone needs to live.

In short, this is the time for everyone who loves to hate the government to step up and get into action. We are going to have to watch everything they do with an eagle eye. They have to “by law” show (I believe on CNN) everything that goes on while the House and Senate are in session. Watch what you can. They are going to try to ream the poor, women, people of color, immigrants, the sick, and just about every kind of person in the United States who doesn’t make at least a million a year. Wait I take that back, I think tax cuts start taking place when you make somewhere in the 3 digit range, around $300,000.00 or so. What does this mean to you? Unless you are rich, you are screwed. Call me paranoid, a bitch… whatever. I’m going to be hiding until it’s time to start marching… which is soon. So friends keep your ears and eyes open, or sit back and let them take away as many of our rights as they can. (Gun Hoarders, don’t worry the other largest lobbyist is the NRA so you’re safe.)

So that is my rant. Take it or leave it…I’m going to be hiding at home with my dog.

Janet E Hammer

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