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1/14 The Elysium bar: I've never seen a more wretched hive of scum and villany. If you've never ventured into
this jewel of the red river district, go, today. Suprising as it may sound, it seems that this place was built for country music, as the acoustics tonight were amazing. Otis were first up and were passable. A mix of country and rock. It's hard to review a band when i'm tuning them out while sitting at Oil Can Frap's watching the Simpsons. stevie tombstone had the middle slot tonight, and it became apparent that this was what people came to see. there's not a whole lots to see actually. a simple four piece band: singer/guiter player, bass, drums and a pedal-steel player. no bells and whistles, no fancy costumes. but the music, ahh the music. old school country twang with a southern feel. this is the band that sounds like they opened for hank williams, or johnny cash. only problem with the night, their set was too short. we all wanted more. didnt have a chance to see the last band, as i was sobering up and needed more liquor.

joe lifto


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