HONKY  and one of the hazard county girls

amplified heat photo by  danny g
BEEF! Is that what it takes to get a crowd in before ten? I swear, all that meat I was piling up and running off with – it wasn’t all for me! It was for the band!

On behalf of Rank and Revue magazine, I would like to thank Room 710 for hosting the high-risk low-life corporation on our first birthday. To the Green Mesquite, hails for the tasty carnage, and blame for my five new pounds of ass. And thanks to Brenna (“K.B. Parthemore”), our mighty instigator/publisher, for the rest of the honkin’ chow. Hails to Rob Jones for his ultra-bad-ass “Rockwork Orange” poster design, and Wade (Secret Hideout Studios) for the printing.

But all this wouldn’t mean a thing without the ROCK. So big thanks to Wendy WWAD for hooking a great line-up of bands, each with a different reason to be dug.

crow photo by  wendy WWADMan-up to the front lines, first to rock the house was Crow. Hey, how can we digest with all that noise?! But no, seriously. There is no comparison, anywhere I’ve heard, to the deep, resonating, decimating sound and the ravishing, barely contained aggression of Paul Crow’s bass. Except maybe his singing. And his buddy Glenn needs some too - Senor Benavides is Mr. Personality on the drums, the punk rock Ringo of Hyde Park. Whatever this pair of veteran fruit bats may lack in technical polish, they surpass in originality, craft, raw power, and a knock-out gregarious attitude. Oh, and a sense of humor. These guys are not panda-ring to a target audience. And those dang catchy songs… they’re on me like fleas!

Hazard County Girls took us in the opposite direction with a more cool and controlled style that hit me right off as L7 meets Sonic Youth (especially in the vocal style), though their music seems to originate from within. Lead singer Kristie’s down-to-earth style but unearthly tone sparked a haggle over what kind of effects (“none!”) could produce that sound. Some stylized, intelligent lyrics managed to cut through. This band won me over with their total blow-off of the “smile pretty and shake it” expectations on a girl band. Thanks to the HC Girls for driving all the way from New Orleans to rock our self-indulgent event.

hazard county girls photo by larry sternCrank up the spazz to eleven! The raven-haired brothers of Amplified Heat never seem to run down. It’s 100% from all three of them, all the time. Band of Gypsies kidnaps Blue Cheer, throws ‘em in the back of the Two Lane Blacktop hotrod with a suitcase full of uppers and floors it to the next whiskey bar! I’ve seen these guys a bunch, they all deliver, but lately I’ve been stunned by their drummer. The guy is so quick and trick, trying to learn his moves is like trying to snap-photograph a lightning bolt (the sky kind, not the Crow bass). They never give a half-mast show.

Grady was no doubt the most polished act of the night. Their professionalism – tight, musical precision and cutting live sound – was their strong point; in that area, they immediately stood out among the low-budget scrappers. Singer/guitarist Gordie and bassist Ben (Big Sugar), and drummer Chris Layton (Stevie Ray’s Double grady photo by larry sternTrouble) shit-kicked some high-octane blues rock, with a much higher “rocktane” this night than the Continental show I saw a while back. That’s the Room 710 vibe for ya – not to mention the Rank and Revue crowd. I’d say Grady is in line for some huge success. Thanks, Grady, for turning up the heat on our party.

Honky! What can I say that hasn’t already been said, about this hell-raising trinity of rock monsters? Pinkus, Bobby and Kenny are the prom-kings (or should I say porn ring?) of whiskey-soaked southern rock, and they got it locked up and shit away the key with their image of balls, beards, booze and bitches. One of the biggest draws in the local bizz, a Honky show is always a party, and that’s what we got ‘em for! They laid down the boot-stompin’ flying-V-butt-slappin’ rock-n-roll rails for all, until the cake went flying and the cows came home.

Last but not least, I have to thank Woody for booking, running sound, and - to all the 710 staff – for putting up with us drunk asses till way past bar-o’clock. Guy man dude, you run the baddest real rock club in town – go Woody! Happy birthday Rank and Revue!!!

-- Bek Sabbath

Rank And Revue One Year Anniversary
Honky, Grady, Amplified Heat, Hazard County Girls, Crow
Friday the 16th @ Room 710

it's been a whole year?So it’s been a year since the Rank and Revue first got expectorated from the presses down by San Marcos. We’ve muddled along through a lot of metaphorical story weather in the area of “staff.” We have managed to burn through a ream of layout designers by our lack of respect for deadlines, grammar and basic hard-return protocol. I’ve heard tales of hysterical layout staff who had to wait until 5:45 am in front of a computer for a review from some deadline-ignoring writer so they could download the ‘zine to the press company for the 6:00 a.m. deadline.

But I ramble too much. Let me tell you of the food, fun and friendship the hard working Publisher and Editor of this fine magazine put together for our first anniversary. Due to a previous engagement, my friend Cynthia and I got to the shindig around 10pm, and caught the latter half of the Hazard County Girls set. This New Orleans all-female group played a mediocre set that seemed to be lacking a bit in energy, given the setting 710 has as a venue. With a little more inspiration, the HCG should become a household name.

it was a hell of a show!!!! photo by beth samsAmplified Heat, the boisterous three-brother punkrock/blues band took the stage next, rising the rock vibe higher with their brand of electrified frappe-speed blues. They played a rockin’ good set as always, as well as my fave AH tune “Fever.” The punk styling of its bluesy roots makes me smile with a headbanger’s appreciation.

Grady was the fourth band of the evening and I was eager to hear them. Wendy WWAD told me that Gordie, the guitarist for Grady, was the guitar player in Big Sugar. I had bought a Big Sugar CD called “500 Pounds” a few years ago and was amazed at the production. Grady started their set with a song from that CD called “Ride Like Hell.” The version they played was much faster and more rockin’ than the Big Sugar version. The new arrangement seemed to fit Grady’s more “rock-n-roll” image versus Big Sugar’s straight blues band version and image. Gordie is a good slide guitar player, playing rhythm and leads with equal ability. They are a good Rockin’ Blues band, check ‘em out.

The mighty Honky rounded out the night’s festivities with their butt-kickin’ southern fried rock, Pinkus and co laying down their multitudinous riffs for all to hear. I always like to hear their drug-addled “Snortin’ Whiskey, Drinkin’ Cocaine,” one of my Honky favorites. I left a bit early and missed the rest of Honky’s ripping set, but was assured by Greg, one of the bartenders from the Crown and Anchor, that it was awesome, and I’m sorry I missed the cake incident. Oh well, there’s always next year - that’s if the Layout Designers Union people don’t lynch us by then.

-James Marquardt


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