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Suplecs, Dixie Witch, Amplified Heat
Room 710, Saturday 02.07.04

The next time Suplecs come to town I want to borrow Fu Manchu’s Boogie Van and throw a fucking Suplecs parade where I “Cheech and Chong” in the van with Dixie Witch and Amplified Heat while the Suplecs ride alongside on green mopeds. There will be cheerleaders, photographers and, in the final moments of the parade, Durel Yates (guitars/vocals), Danny Nick (bass/vocals) and Andrew Preen (drums) will do some really amazing moped tricks and ride up a moving ramp into the boogie van. You really won’t want to miss it.

As a Suplecs virgin, I appreciated the swamp rats who built the bridge from here to New Orleans. I thought this band was stoner rock. It was, but my dreams of laying on stage on a carpet feeding weed into the speaker were a little shallow. Sure, the heavy-hitting, badass sound of three very tight and accomplished musicians would have pounded a shitload of weed into a superfine state, perfect for rolling into the carpet and smoking out with the whole crowd, but the Suplecs are multicultural. Shit, they are multinational. They broke into reggae, New Orleans blues and a little Slayer all while the drummer beat the stage down to China and the other guys did all my favorite rock tricks—bass behind the head, a little guitar line, play along with two member of the Witch, etc. It just doesn’t do the Suplecs justice to call them heavy metal or stoner rock; these guys’ music is broader and better than that. A new album is the works, so save your paper route money and check out all that is the Suplecs @ suplecs.com. If you spend more time on Red River than at your house this band is a must-see. But, you might need some earplugs. You never really know how loud a band is until you leave a club.

I’m not discounting Dixie Witch (dixiewitch.net), who was tearing the paint off the walls when I arrived or forgetting Amplified Heat (amplifiedheat.com—Shit, I missed them!) whose only bad show is when they don’t show up, but this show belonged to the Suplecs. Rock on, fellows. I’ve been waiting for a band like you since Fu Manchu cut their hair and stopped lighting that gong on fire!

–Beth Sams

The Dickins / Black Cock / Amish Armada

Dear Diary,
Last night I went to Room 710 to see The Dickins, Black Cock, and Amish Armada. I was excited to see Black Cock, I mean, who wouldn't be? It's such a rare occasion that I see them, I was glad to get a chance.

I walked into a fairly empty club with a couple of guys dressed like Amish farmers. For whatever reason I started to get a bad feeling. It's not that I don't like the Amish, I just question their ability to play music that might actually appeal to me.

The one actually interesting thing that these guys had going for them was the Misfits fiend club flag with the skull wearing an Amish style chapeau. When the 'music' started I honestly couldn't tell you what was going on. There were so many guys on the stage not doing anything but looking stupid and shoving each other around that I couldn't pay attention to the band. When I did, I was glad these guys were dressed in masks and disguises because good lord, this was completely sub-par.
If I had managed to muster up any interest or energy, I would have punched these guys in the balls. The only thing that the Amish Armada did NOT do amidst all of their stupid antics and bad music was raise a barn in the middle of the club so that I could hang myself and put me out of my misery.
Next was Black Cock. As I mentioned before, I was excited to see them. I'm not really familiar with them as you all know, so I was ready. Not so much anymore, folks. If I never see Black Cock again it will be too soon. The drummer was awesome, but not enough to hold the rest of the band.

The Dickins played first because it was Jason the drummer’s birthday. If you know Jason, you know that this was the best plan of attack the band could have possibly made. Years ago he took me out on a date around a bunch of his friends that I didn't know. He got so drunk that I had to call someone to get me away from him.

That was over 4 years ago, and it's nice to see someone with some kind of consistency. I'm not going to sit here and tell you how fucking badass the Dickins are, you just need to go see them. I tried to write them up at the punk rock BBQ a couple of issues back, but it got all fucked up in editing. All I'm going to say now is you suck if you don't like this band. I personally want to have their children.

I have to say that without having seen the Dickins, this night ranked a giant, shiny, gold plated zero.
xxxix – CorriMava

Editor’s Note: Most people already knew that Corri didn’t like black cock. – Stern.

Jackie Ono
Room 710, Thursday 1.29.04

$1 Lonestars at Room 710? Thursdays are indeed a night for the pauper and the rocker. The line-up on this fine night was Do It Now Foundation, Via Satellites, Jackie Ono, and People Skills. Thinking the “foundation” band was actually the name of a benefit, I wanted to support any cause involving Jackie Ono. A fellow from People Skills walked around inviting people to come over to the other side of the bar to see his band (a good marketing scheme revealing his true people skills), but he didn’t know anything about a benefit.

I chatted, chatted and chatted, drank shots with James E, and looked over the latest Rank and Revue—hot off the presses. Steve commented on the great keyboards in People Skills and air keyboarded along.

But I was there to see Jackie Ono, my favorite all-girl band, second only to the Hazard County Girls. These ladies have been playing music for years in various bands, and they are developing a sound of their own. Their keyboards add an extra dimension to the rock, and I know how much you love the rock. I don’t know a band to compare them to or any of the names of their songs, but I know this was the best set I have seen them play. Getting better all the time, the end of the set was really powerful and great. Do yourself a favor and check out this four-piece band of babes. Go to jackieono.com for more info.

Due to the endless possibilities of Lonestar, I had to leave, but the front lady for Sixteen Deluxe was belting it out with Via Satellites as I exited the building. I wonder if the Do It Now Foundation raised all the money they had hoped?

–Beth Sams


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