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Kevin Fowler
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suplecs, dixie witch and amplified heat at Room 710 photo by stern

fuckemos at beerland

Rank and Revue - VOL. 2,  ISSUE 27 FREE for all those who believe featuring Kevin Fowler

Cover by Matt Mastrud, Feature by Tammy Moore
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bill hicks wildlife foundationBill Hicks Wildlife Foundation Benefit
Capitol City Comedy Club 2.26.04

For my money, the greatest comedian of all time is Bill Hicks. It's really hard to imagine that it will have been 10 years since his premature passing from pancreatic cancer this February 26th. To celebrate Bill's life work and the effect he has had on our lives, Lynn and Jere Raridon of the Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation, and Kevin Booth of Sacred Cow Productions are organizing a series of benefits around the world, all of which will occur on February 26th. The cities currently signed up include Belfast, London, NYC, Chicago, Houston, San Diego, as well as here in Austin at the Capitol City Comedy Club. All proceeds will benefit the Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation. The foundation supports a group of local animal rescue and rehabilitation workers who both knew Bill, and share Bill's passion for helping in this important task. Kevin Booth was Bill's best friend and producer of much of Bill's released work both on video and on CD. The night will feature some rare Hicks video and invited rant-offs from the audience, and will be MC'd by comedian Chad Dubrul. Tickets are $12. For more information you can visit Sacred Cow's website at sacredcow.com or call Capitol City Comedy Club at 467-2333, or on the web at capcitycomedy.com. - Larry Stern

Misc. Errors & Omissions:Last issue, local tattoo artist Larry the Leopard was called Larry the Leper. Sorry, it was loud and we were drunk. --Beky

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