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Brave New World / DJ Brian Clarkson

Elysium, the latest incarnation in the legacy of dance clubs inhabiting the infamous corner of 7th and Red River, is hopefully here to stay. As a personal veteran of the dance scene, I’ve seen many a club come and go. What Elysium offers that its predecessors didn’t is a variety of dance music and events that bring the old-schoolers out of the woodwork, as well as the rave kids and the hip-hop crowd.

Last Thursday’s Brave New World featured new industrial/techno mixes by DJs including Brain Clarkson that had bondage-pants and baggy-jean-clad booties shaking alike.

Elysium is always good for the voyeur, with eye-candy as far as you can see amidst the smoke and strobe lights. I particularly enjoyed the series of twisted short films and videos being projected on a wide wall screen. Even more eye-catching were the hot outfits of several young, new-goth chix who were prancing about.

There are so many facets of dance music—with subcategories like deep house, drum & bass, tribal, ambient, etc.—I’m admittedly a little behind on the most current terminology. I do know, however, when the music strikes that chord within me—when I feel the energy, the connection—the magnetic vibe that pulls me onto the dance floor. For all of you out there longing to feel the almost spiritual psychedelia that accompanies a good dance groove, it’s now available all night long at Elysium.
-- Kat Kinslow


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