Rank and Revue Benefit
00 Spies, American Idles, The Dickins, Pink Swords, Dirty Sweets, Lower Class Brats
Wednesday 2/4

Hey all you uppity scenesters—over here at the Rank we are simply trying to print a legitimate voice that represents you, your bad habits and the struggling band you play in or chose to go see. In other words, you should support this publication. I promise it won’t hinder your street cred. ***side note: Although some members of our mighty staff may not be your favorite punk rock patrons, criminals or crackpots, you should still appreciate their efforts and passion—we do actually care and so should you.***

Ok, sappy shit aside, there was a benefit for this free rag at Emos last week. A big thanks to those who showed up and the bands that played. Have you seen the “cum-guzzling, ode-to-Clockwork femme slut’’ posters we were selling? Jared Connor designed some really killer art work for the one-year anniversery party that went down at 710 last month. We were selling them for 10 bucks at Emos that night—you should check them out if you haven’t already. I framed mine. Seriously.

Show highlights—the Dickins can shift from stoner sludge to crank speed in about half a second. These guys rock in a greasy, sleazy-morning-after kind of way. They’re Corri’s favorite band right now. Enough said. The Pink Swords killed their set with the normal sassy thrash and precision punk--tighter than your little sister’s virgin ass but vicious like the meat-head jock looking to fuck it. I really got off on the Dirty Sweets. I’d never seen Peni-tration and co. before, but thoroughly enjoyed her “don’t f with us’’ swagger and the high-pitched screams behind the spazzed-out punk. I think I’d definitely penitrate! The Brats closed the show and did the damn thing the way they always do. By then people were wasted—beer was being spilled and everyone’s fuckme eyes were wandering with evil intentions. All in a night’s work I guess, but this isn’t work kiddos! Rock-on, cheers and thanks again.



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