Punchgut Studio is the outlet for the voices in my head. It keeps me out of the clock tower. In high school, I was the long-hair in the back of the class....drawing. I had my head down, drawing on tables, notebooks, arms, bellies and tackleboxes. I have been a graphic designer for over 10 years but Punchgutstudio.com is fresh of the teet. Inspiration to do what I enjoy came from many great musicians and artists from Texas: Slobberbone, The Gourds, Mark Pedini, Jermaine Rogers, Uncle Charlie and all of the great folks at www.gigposters.com. Punchgut Studio has stained the walls of a few museums and will have works featured in the much-anticipated "Art of Modern Rock" and the "Electric Frankenstein" gigposter book. Also after reading his articles, Chad Holt is my new hero. God bless the children of
the beast.

- Matt Mastrud, Punchgut Studios


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