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rockland eagles - photo by beau been

amplified heat photos by danny grochow

rockland eagles - photo by beau been

Rockland Eagles / Texas Rollergirls
ABC Family’s show “Switched” filming
Room 710, November 13, 2003

Ever dreamed you could be someone else? ABC Family brings its popular series Switched! to primetime for six episodes. Texas Rollergirl , Rolletta Lynn was switched with Eric, a drum major/college student. Gossiping about the new person, the Texas Rollergirls stood around Room 710 in street clothes anxiously awaiting the new member’s arrival.

The funky fresh Rockland Eagles hit the stage around 9 pm. Rocking the socks off the crowd, some dressed in white fringed, bell bottom jumpsuits, another in a red white and blue Evil Kineval bellbottom jumpsuit with giant afro. These guys have their own cheerleader who sings and walks around with signs announcing the name of the played song, for example, “Steve Austin.” I was a curious what an outsider would think of all this hoopla.

Only a few songs into the set, the ABC Family crew started rolling and in walked Eric, a drum major for the Grambling State University Tiger Marching Band - President Clinton is one of their fans. The crowd went wild as the new fellow was announced by Sparkle Plenty. Eric received a page telling him we was now a Texas Rollergirl. Asked his roller derby name, he immediately replied, “Silent Predator.”
After a flurry of lights, cameras, action Silent Predator of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers left to see his new home.

A few skating lessons later, the Silent Predator hit the rink at Playland to complete his ultimate challenge: skating in a roller derby bout. When introduced, the Silent Predator (silent but deadly) came out in a giant afro with a glittery cowboy hat perched on top. This guy came out fighting and slinging roller girls all over the rink. I only saw him fall down once and had been worried about him being freaked out by the drummer’s afro in the Rockland Eagles? He was a perfect addition to the Texas Rollergirls, but you will have to watch the show to find out what happened with Rolletta Lynn serving as the Drum Major. Check the Switched website for details - abcfamily.go.com/switchedprimetime
- Beth Sams, text, photos by Beau Been

squat thrust photo by larry stern


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