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photos by larry stern

beerland, TX

Third Annual Austin Creepout
November 14th through 15th

This was my first year to go to the Creepout at Beerland. Not knowing what Creepout was all about I surmised that it had something to do with the Halloween time of year and the punk/garage style of music that many of the bands seen frequently at Beerland produce. I later learned that it started as an annual birthday party for some of the local Scorpio's, most notably Billy Bishop of Obsolete fame and Dennis Campa. It sounded like a good time, so I went to check it out. I was also looking forward to having a few of my current favorite beer special, 24 ounce bottles of Foster's, which Beerland has been serving up for three bucks.

Friday night had the bigger crowd of the two-day event, and it seemed that the biggest draw was Mike Mariconda's band the Stepbrothers. I had never seen these guys before and they ruled. All of the members of the band seemed like well-schooled musicians, but what struck me the most was how well they played together. Too many bands have a stand out member or two but don't play as a total group. The other thing that impressed me about the band was how much
fun they were having on stage. The fun was totally infectious, and the crowd grew into a frenzy.

Headlining was the Omens from Ft. Collins, Colorado. To me, these guys personified what I thought the Creepout sound should be. Michael, the organ player with the candles and sheep's head laid down some creepy grooves, and Greggory had some hip sounds on guitar. They kept the evening going for me.

Saturday night's crowd was a little sparser. I hadn't seen Jesus Christ Superfly for many years since the days when Cade Callahan was on drums. These guys have so many catchy tunes; I wish they would gig more often. White Heat was supposed to headline but they had to cancel, because some closed minded authorities think a little grass might make the Creepout to creepy. To bad, I heard a lot of good things about the band and hope to catch them soon. Filling in at
the last minute was the Mood Killers who did a yeoman's job at maintaining the highenergy mayhem of Creepfest. I'm already looking forward to next year's show.

-Larry Stern


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