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Clem Snide/Experimental Aircraft/Scout Niblett
Emo’s, October 10, 2003

The night kicked off with a woeful tale of tragic comedy. The opening act, Scout Niblett, a singer/songwriter hailing from Nottingham, England, packed a powerful punch with her robust, emotionally arousing voice. Unfortunately for her she lacked the crucial element every performer must possess, self confidence. Five minutes into playing she suddenly stops singing and playing the guitar, mumbles, “oh shit” into the microphone, and proceeds to then try out the drum set. Although, yet again doing a fine job, she abruptly stops. This time crying and running off the stage. Although the crowd was relatively small, they seemed to enjoy her music, and could not figure out what had just happened. I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Experimental Aircraft brought the show back by swaying the audience with their spacey, enigmatic guitar music. The name of this band is too perfect to describe their sound.

Clem Snide then really moved the crowd with their hybrid blend of rock, country and blues. Sitting down in the back when they came on, I had to move closer to see and hear better. A very mellow, soft, band, creating a unique sound worthy of praise and admiration, you have to move in for a closer look. Clem Snide then brought their NYC version of country music to a very receptive crowd. This band has a cult following and it is easy to see why. Originality is the key to their good modern alt-country sound intertwined with cool messages about staying unique. Their song, “I Love the Unknown” tells the tale of not wanting to live your life the same way day in and day out. Makes one want to take chances, which is what this band is all about doing. Dressed up in suits and ties, singing their own version of country, and jumping around like rock stars, they come off as just plain cool. Take a chance on their latest album, “Soft Spot” or previously released albums “Your Favorite Music” and “The Ghost of Fashion,” you will be glad that you did.

-Misty Sweet


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