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super heavy goat ass & black novas

beerland, TX

Cruel and Unusual/The Prickies
Beerland, October 9, 2003

I can count on two things when I go to Beerland. The first will be Billy giving me a hard time about whether or not I’m on the list, and the second will involve me having a great time no matter how shitty the bands may be. Drunken exhaustion is probably the worst prelude to a review, but somehow a show that headlined with bands called The Prickies and Cruel and Unusual, I thought it might work.

I can sum up the show in four words. Same old Beerland shit; same old punk bands that play music that I can’t get into, and the same old conclusion pounding itself into my psyche. It occurred to me during one lucid moment of clarity that I’m not the one to take on reviews to these types of bands, but as that clarity faded it occurred to me that no one else would.

What else can I say about the show? I could pretend to remember and I could pretend to care but I would still reach the one undeniable fact, nothing spectacular happened at this show. I’ve approached many reviews with the mind of a skeptic, only to have that image shattered with a barrage of killer live music. The only thing I can say is shut the fuck up if you suck, and for the love of God, put the guitar down. (Don’t forget, support live music in Austin)

-Rhiannon Dillon

The Divorcers
Beerland, October 4, 2003

After reading in the Chronicle that Beerland was the new hot spot for fashion trends, I couldn't wait to see the show on Saturday! Who knew that I was smack dab in the middle of Vogue every time I walked into the dank, dark cave known as Beerland? Only now I could feel the envious eyes on me as I was allowed entry into this tres chic establishment. Eat your heart out Studio 54! Beerland has arrived!

It was a veritable freak show of ghoul makeup, bad lounge music and stringy haired Goth guys. What had I been missing OUT on all of this time?! The Divorcers was whom I had come to see though and they were dressed to the nines! OH JOY!

Finally, Rock and Roll! I have to mention that in order to actually get to it, though, I was visually and aurally assaulted by skinheads dancing together, horrible wigs and the phrase 'Oh My Goth!' I felt like I was in a really bad David Lynch movie. (Everett, I have to apologize for not jumping on the bandwagon sooner. Bandwagon!)

The Divorcers have a rockabilly, surf rock, punk rock thing going on that is just dying for a bigger sound. I don't know what it is that was missing, but I wanted there to be more of it. Everett actually croons into the mic like one of those old time singers in the movies. I half expected girls to start crying and swooning like they used to do for The King.

The highlight of the set for me would have to be when they covered Flametrick Subs 'She's Got It.' I heard one of them say that one or all of them had to move that afternoon, so it's amazing they even had the energy to bust it on out, but they did. Did I mention how adorable they all were in their red ties and button down shirts? I didn't? Well that's because this isn't the Chronicle!

-Corri Mava


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