Fall Fashion Show
Club De Ville, October 15th

Club De Ville’s fourteenth fashion show was a smashing success. Emily Fawcett, Red River’s own fashionista, has been producing the semi-annual show for seven years. The fashion show usually earns about $2,000 which is donated to a local charity. Capital Area Food Bank was the lucky recipient of the 2003 fall proceeds. During the rehearsal for the show, Emily told me that in previous years, models have gotten so drunk that they have fallen off the runway in heaps, landing in the laps of VIPs. Because I always look forward to a train wreck; I have to admit that I was secretly disappointed that there were no spills off the runway. DJ Fuckin’ A managed to keep all the music straight and continued to play after the show which allowed us to pretend we were important and dance on the runway.

Each vendor had its own theme. Therapy had a gender-bending thing going on to show-off their men’s clothing lines. The girls looked quite luscious dressed as boys. Blackmail’s tribute to Johnny Cash was seductive and super-hip; I will definitely be stopping in to score something black. The ladies of Shiki looked oh-so-lovely in their hand picked dresses from up and coming designers exclusively found at Shiki. Upstairs held my attention with a slew of really sexy male models who filled out the jeans from Xvala and Von Dutch very nicely. Flipnotics did a groovy little Rock-n-Roll production featuring new and vintage clothing. Legs Diamond models sported some Puma hip-hop gear along with their own very special hip-hop moves. Legs Diamond wanted to clarify that the shop is named after “the notorious gangster, Jack Legs Diamond—not the lame seventies band.” If you’re hard core shoe junkie, you must add Legs Diamond to your A-list.

I must say that Blue Velvet stole the show with their Halloween theme. The first set had a creepy “What ever happened to Baby Jane” act complete with a lip-synching routine and a dead rat. It was just sick enough to be really enthralling. The grand slam was the finale of the show when Blue Velvet invited Biscuit to portray Leather Face of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Biscuit told me before the show that he had recently seen the latest rendition of the movie and felt he was up to the challenge. He terrorized the 70’s prom queens on the runway until “Carrie” arrived with blood dripping down her face. She then, of course, killed the 70’s prom folk via telekinesis. Halloween is just around the corner and I feel confident Blue Velvet can solve any costume dilemmas you may be suffering from.

Now is the time to shop! So if you’re low on cash, pawn your lamest CDs and sell plasma or semen if necessary to hit Austin’s coolest boutiques. – Joelle Bart

Blue Velvet / 2100 Guadalupe St / 472.0399
Blackmail / 1202 South Congress / 326.7670
Flipnotics / 1603 Barton Springs Rd / 322.9011
Legs Diamond / 2428 Guadalupe St / 477.1559
Therapy / 1113 S Congress Ave / 326.2331
Shiki / 3407 Guadalupe St / 371.7767
Upstairs / 2208 South Lamar / 462.1513


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