The Dicks! A Fine Time on the Town for Gary Floyd…by JEH

A Fine Time on the Town for Gary Floyd

So this year the Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta was a very special night for all…and dedicated to Gary Floyd. Old timers and youngsters alike came out to show support and hear the music of several of Austin’s finest including David Yow subbing for Floyd and fronting The Dicks. It’s nice to know that as a group we still care enough to help out our fellow musicians in their time of need. When people ask what does it mean to be a part of punk rock, I would definitely use this occasion as an example. Over $3,000 was raised at this event. This is a reminder that as a “scene” Texas has a giant heart, geared towards not only good music and good times but also has a social conscience. It was also nice to see so many fellers in skirts and ladies dressed to the nines to pay respect to one of the people who is central to laying down our foundation.

Now, I wish I could tell you about the opening bands before Pure Luck but I was busy in a parking war with, a college girl who yelled at me “You’re a Cunt!” I just responded “I know” which seemed to take some of the piss out of her vinegar.

Pure Luck is another Jeff Pinkus project (who recently also played with the Melvins), a country and rock mix that seems to always hit the mark of the perfect mix of the two. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, including the band. They are a will driven unit with just enough loose thrown in to appeal to a crowd. It was a great start to a great line up. (again I apologize for missing Scorpio Rising and Dark Planes…yelling match with college girls).

El Pathos is comprised of Buxf Parrot and Pat Deason of the Dicks along with Rob Buford and the vocal stylings of David Duet/Nobody. They have a great sound that can go from country to rock to strange dingy bar music. David writes great lyrics and the arrangements that back them are well put together. Knowing which story needs what kind of sound. The crowd was happy, which in turn makes a band happy.

Next were the gentle sounds of the Gay Sportcasters and the dancing sensation of the Lolly Gaggers. Always entertaining but they were on fire that night, partially due to Bill’s hot pink satin shorts outfit. If they had been playing down the street at the Bear everyone might have gone home with dates. Jeff Smith really is a genius as far as comic songwriting and giving a show attendee their monies worth, even if it involves a lot of butt crack and stinky fingers. Seriously though they sounded great and once again the pleased crowd did not throw anyone to the lions.

Our special event of the evening, David Yow and the Dildos (Dicks members Buxf Parrot, Pat Deason, Mark Kenyon, and Davy Jones taking the place of Glen Taylor who passed away some years ago.) David was a little bit nervous beforehand stating these were not his songs and he was afraid he would make a mistake, but when he started in you would never have known. They tore through a set list comprised of favorites like “Dicks Hate the Police” “Kill From the Heart” “Dead in a Motel Room” if I had a set list I would gladly list them all for you but my short term memory is for shit. There was a duet with David Yow and David Nobody; it was tender in a drunken sort of way. Every song played with an entire audience sing along, people who were remembering and others who were seeing for the first time swayed together and shouted at the top of their lungs. Everyone was intoxicated, if not on liquor then just on the music. Who says you can’t be a good person and still have a really fucking good time, certainly wasn’t me.

The last band that evening was one of the true Austin standards by which other bands can be measured the Pocket FishRmen. They were all in fabulous outfits and sounded fantastic. The dancing and mayhem ensued, and everyone was happy. It’s a wonderful thing to go to a show where people aren’t obviously there due to some unseen reason. Everyone knew just why they were there, and it was great.



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