RIP Fun, Fun, Fun, welcome Sound on Sound Festival!

So I’m not sure how many of you know that FFF is gone gone gone. There are rumors going around as to why this is, I only know I was told that FFF was not going to happen this year. Then up from the ashes there comes a NEW festival (oddly the name is also a Big Boys song), Sound on Sound which will take place on November 4th, 5th and 6th.  It will take place at Sherwood Forest, yes the place where they have the Sherwood Forest Fair for those who have been mesmerized by Dungeons and Dragons. The line up at this thing is not anything new. Descendents will play, Off! will play, there are a couple of cool things like Monkeywrench and Girls against Boys. There is a large part of this that will appeal more to my sons than me. The one thing that has not changed is that it is not cheap. It is cheaper than FFF was but it is in it’s fledgling status so a 3 day pass is $169.00. There is also camping costs and super passes, so that $169.00 does not get you everything. The web site is You can do your research there to find out where the location is, buy tickets, and see who is playing day by day. The one thing I know I want to see is The Monkeywrench, so maybe I’ll get lucky. This is your new Austin festival news. Over and Out.

monkeywrench  g vs b





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