Willie Nelson’s annual SXSW shindig at Luck, TX – by Jerry Milton


Come Friday during Spring Break and SXSW, there is always ONE place you’ll find me, no matter WHAT or WHO is playing elsewhere, and that place would be LUCK, TX. Where is Luck, TX? Or more accurately what? LUCK, TX is Willie Nelson’s ranch situated between the Pedernales River and Lake Travis in an area known as Briarcliff. Fortuitously, it’s also about a mile as the crow flies from my house. Willie has always had an old Western Ghost Town at his ranch which serves as a backdrop for this annual event. Salon, Bank, Church it’s all there.


In previous years, the event was called the Heartbreaker’s Banquet and put on by the Electric Lady Studio folks outta NYC.  The first couple of years it was a free event, but getting that free ticket involved being in the know or scouring facebook, instagram sites for the “clues” as to how one might procure them. Last year was the first year one could BUY tickets to the event, but even then one can imagine procuring the tickets for such an intimate affair was a chore. THIS year, Willie grabbed back control of the shindig and it would seem to be alot of the same ticket wise, which isn’t a bad thing in the least.  One has to WORK to see and attend this event, and I like it that way.


Past acts have included Nikki LaneZ15_8828Ellie King

ND7_8592Shovels and Ropes


J Roddy Walston and the Business


Shakey Graves and Lucius, the latter of which will be returning this year.


Acts perform on both the huge “World Headquarter’s Stage” , the more intimate “Chapel Stage” taking place inside the tiny old church, and last year they added the “Revival Tent” performance space.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the free adult drinks continue out of the Saloon as has taken place in years past. They always have badass food venders and, unlike the rest of SXSW, it isn’t a clusterfuck, pardon my french.

And as ALWAYS, one can count on the “Special Guest” of Willie, his badass son Lukas and his other kiddos’ bands to be performing once again for a truly Nelson Family event.


Below is a partial list of this years scheduled performers….if you would like to attend, then I suggest you get on the Luck Reunion email list pronto, as well as their Facebook Page , Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Luck tx

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