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Rank and Revue - VOL. 2,  ISSUE 28 free if U R Feeling Foxy - Featuring the HAZARD COUNTY GIRLS

Cover and Feature by Beth Sams, Some
Hand/Fist logo by Karen Slafter

Around the Corner
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The Go/Guided By Voices

03.06.04 @ La Zona RosaPere Ubu's David Thomas blasted through from Cleveland recently and now Ohio launches us another helping of noisy old weirdos from Dayton whose fertility is also evident in boxed sets. Robert Pollard escaped institutional castration two decades ago and patented the persistent methodology he calls Guided By Voices, creating the template for "indie" rock. A friend in grad school explained it all to me and it turns out that if you don't like them you are in fact, stupid. Cruising at my speed are openers The Go, who run down The Black Crowes in the Motor City, squeezing more mileage out of '70s rock royalty with vocalist Bobby Harlow playing Marc Bolan to Chris Robinson's Rod Stewart.

- Dave Roybal


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