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Red Eyed Fly, 12.19.03

Becoming sort of a musical posse, Cruiserweight and Dynamite Boy undertook yet another joint endeavor, playing to a very young crowd at Red Eyed Fly on a Friday night. These bands just can’t seem to get enough of each other. Having just released a split album together, it seems like lately they always play the same shows. Both groups produce very poppy, emo-style, radio-friendly music. Pop princesses and garage band kings unite. I have found your fearless leaders. Cruiserweight composed of Stella Maxwell (vocals), Urny Maxwell (guitar), Yogi Maxwell (drums), and Dave Hawkins
(bass) play very soft, mellow, cutesy tunes for lovingly devoted fans. This music would fit nicely on a soundtrack for a movie like Clueless. Next, Dynamite Boy took to the stage. I’m not a fan of theirs, having only heard them played on 101X, but I really tried to give their live show a chance. Energetic, fun loving, slightly entertaining, I see why a lot of young kids like them. One reason they didn’t win me over: the majority of their songs sound way too similar. To be quite honest, I couldn’t tell when one song began and another ended except for the brief, but thunderous clapping every five minutes or so. Here, however, is a tip for Dynamite Boy: do yourselves and the rest of the world a favor, leave AC/DC alone. Their performance of “TNT,” slightly watered down, was less than stellar. Neither of these bands plays bad music, just music that has been played to death. . If you didn’t go to the show, don’t worry you really weren’t missing much, unless you are a die hard fan, and then why weren’t you at the show with the rest of your friends?

–Misty Sweet


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