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sniffySniffy (Last Show)
Room 710, August 29th

Old soldiers say that they still scratch their amputated leg years after it’s gone, their minds trick them that it is still there. It might take time for my mind to realize that I’ll never (reunions excluded) enjoy Sniffy live again. Saturday August 29th, the popish threesome called it quits on the eve of bassist Rebekah Whitehurt’s departure to the Big Apple.

I’ve seen this band many times and their “last” show did not disappoint, the triplets ripped through the set playing almost the entirety of their playlist. Every song I wanted to hear they delivered, from “Spaceship” to “Porn Song”, three minute slices of pop heaven.

sniffyIt doesn’t ever do justice to write and describe the energy or emotion of a live performance, the context can never be duplicated and usually falls on deaf ears. I’m not saying Sniffy’s death toll ranks in the pantheon of rock’s great performances, but for a night, for me, my itch was scratched. Sniffy was Jimmy Bradshaw (guitar), Rebekah Whitehurst (bass) and Gene Loncon (drums). To relive Sniffy checkout their release No Secrets in Sweatpants.

-Beky Hayes

brown hornetBrown Whornet
Room 710, September 7th

Ladies and gentlemen, Brown Whornet! The ten-year anniversary tour concluded with a homecoming Saturday night at Room710 to a packed house. It’s hard to believe that after ten years and an almost two year hiatus that any band could still be as popular as Brown Whornet. But those who have heard any of their music are sure to be as captivated with this band as I was. When I found out that the defunct super group was going to reunite for a new tour I was so excited that I almost peed my pants. (Surely I’m not the only one)

Brown Whornet live shows are legendary, and anyone that has lived to tell the story can attest to the energy and pure chaos that is Brown Whornet. When I discovered that new lineup consisted of five rather than the original eight, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Especially since my favorite member, the only female was not to be at the show, I knew that classics such as “Ice Knife” or the “Working Song” would probably not make it on the set list without her. But with Tyler coming back from San Francisco to front the band I knew that some of that ole’ magic would still be intact.

brown hornetNever a disappointment, old and new fans alike were treated to nearly two hours of musical madness. Some old favorites such as “Pope” and “Cutting Myself” were enjoyed by the massive collective of Whornet fans that some how managed to cram themselves into the small area in front of the stage at Room 710. A lovely rendition of “God Bless America” was accompanied by taunts from the vocalist, Tyler. The audience was won over, not only by the music, but also by the stage performance. The frenzied show was completed by a semi strip tease by Tyler, complete with ass and crotch rubbing. I was once again reminded why I fell in love with Brown Whornet. I suggest buying any of their albums to get a taste of Saturday’s show.

-Rhiannon Dillon

Dum Dum and the Smarties/Johnny Vortex/Black Cock
Room 710, September 3rd

black cock

Up to this point I’ve been nice. For the sake of the readership that may or may not pay attention to the reviews in this magazine, I’ve tried to represent the bands I’ve seen with an unbiased viewpoint that represents the show from an audience vantage point. Blame it on my childhood or my current state of unemployment, but it took every ounce of restraint in my being to keep me from running out of the venue clutching my ears screaming “ you can’t hurt me anymore!” That being said, I would not advise seeing these bands unless you have a death wish.

I had the misfortune to catch the first band, Black Cock. Being an enormous fan of the cock, I was intrigued, to say the least, at the audacity of any band to name themselves after such an infamous body part. I need not bore you with the details of the Cock, but I can say that I saw more than one person wincing and holding their ears.

The remaining few that stuck around for Johnny Vortex were treated to a second-rate Traveling Wilbury’s show. These guys boasted about their “single” that they released in the eighties, and even covered a Pariah song. Their lone fan seemed impressed, but maybe they would have gotten a better response if they played to an audience that was closer to their age group. Surely, there are nursing homes that allow live music in Austin.

Finally, the last band! Though Dum Dum and Smarties monotone music was easier to listen to than the previous acts; my eardrums had long ago resigned to writing me hate mail. They didn’t care that they were heavily promoting their compilation album, Garage Justice Volume I- Austin vs. New York City. At the evening’s end my eardrums, offended yet intact, had indeed survived the sonic battering.

-Rhiannon Dillon


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