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eastside suicides

beerland, TX

Dexter Romweber Duo
Beerland, August 29th

Low and behold, this is the Holy Grail of Rock n’ Roll. It's great to see Dexter out and playing again. Dexter has been a personal friend for years now and I was really starting to wonder if he was gonna come back with a new album and tour. His prior band, the Flat Duo Jets, spanned a good ten plus years (I'm horrible with time frames) and in that time managed to survive through the 80's and most of the nineties. They hailed from North Carolina (where Romweber currently resides) but lived in Athens, Georgia for a brief stint and landed a spot in the film "Athens, Georgia, Inside Out" and really had the most memorable performance in the film. It should be out on DVD soon and Dex says there is gonna be alot of outtakes of extra footage of him back in his drunken days. They even managed a last minute spot on David Letterman back in their heyday and did a tour with the Cramps and are faves of the Rev. Horton Heat. Most recently Dex has been stalked by Jack White and received many an e-mail from him until it finally resulted in an opening slot for The White Stripes on this last tour.

The Point I'm getting at here is this, Dexter Romwebber is one of the most talented and incredible guitar players you will ever have the chance to see if you're lucky enough. He's a force to be reckoned with, especially live.

The show this night was great. I have been watching Dex and drummer Crash Laresh play together for the last two and half years and after many a different setlists and a few demos it seems as if the two have found their niche and are starting off where Duo Jets left off. When you see a Dexter set it's always an occasion. Him and Crash drove all the way from North Carolina to Austin for this small four days worth of shows over the Labor Day weekend. Once he gets started it seems like it's almost impossible for him to stop. I've seen him go for hours and it literally took the soundman pulling the plug on the amp to get him to quit. It's not an ego thing; the guy literally becomes possessed when he plays. His new album "Chased by Martians" is a strong confirmation that the next chapter of Dexterville has begun to write itself.

When Dex finally fired up around 12:45 almost the entire Beerland audience crammed up front for Dexter's brand of Raunch and Roll. Going in and out of tempo from straight up rocking in your face rock-a-billy mayhem to ballads that come of as if Frank Sinatra is crooning in front of Link Wray. One minute you were up front and stomping your feet and then when he would go into a ballad you’d grab the closest girl next to you and pull her in for a dance. The crowd loved it. Dexter went non-stop past call and I was rocked beyond recognition. I'm hoping the next time Dex goes out I can hook him up with a slot on a Wayne “The Train” Hancock bill. That would be a beautiful thing.

- Slander Bob



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