beth sams Countrystarr Art

Beth Sams a.k.a the Scarlot Harlot
Aquarius, 32
Artist / Multimedia Guru / Webmistress / Roller Derby Queen

Artistic Influences: Andy Warhol, Bill Lundberg, Marjorie Moore, Steve Jones, Botero, Rock n’ Roll, life, comedy, living in the Middle East, Beau Been
Likes: cheese, Willie Nelson, Texas Rollergirls, Nashville Pussy, Lonestar beer, drag queens, Honky, plaid, Ozzy Osbourne, computers, Aerosmith, gelato, Pink Floyd, Jim Henson, AC/DC, Madonna & roller derby fist fights, good friends, swimming, the HELL MARYS, Pee Wee Herman, adult swim, The Jolly Garogers, ROCK N’ ROLL
Dislikes: whiners, shit kickers, cover bands, eggs, breakfast, closed minds, driving

Beth Sams grew up in Dimmitt, Texas (pop 5,000) where the cows outnumbered the people. She spent her early days shooting hoops in a pink tutu on rollers skates & drank a lot of beer while running the high school. One night after a drunken barn dance, Beth hooked herself cape fear style to the bottom of Willie Nelson's tour bus & ended up in Austin, TX. Enrolling herself at the U of Texas in 1989, this heavy metal hillbilly got some learnin' in Middle Eastern Studies & served as the Hook 'Em mascot. After a visit to Israel, living in the West Bank town of Rumallah, studying Arabic at the U of Jordon and nearly getting sold into prostitution in Syria, Beth returned to Texas and enrolled in Bill Lunberg's drawing class and Steve Jones’ 3D design class in 1993.
Soon after she met up with the likes of Bob Ray (crashcamfilsm.com), Jeremy Thompson (nashvillepussy.com), Corri, Chicken, Chad Holt, Christina, etc and partied in the underground music scene, simultaneously running with a band of rowdy drag queens. Beth met Beau Been who made her buy a refrigerator, an air conditioner and taught her how to save money. With a little "love" in her life, Beth focused less on party, more on art (pastels and acrylics) and started her own web design business (grooveefortune.com). Beth skates as the Scarlot Harlot in the Texas Roller Girls (txrollergirls.com) and recently beat the shit out of Dave Attel on Insomniac. Hopefully, you caught her work at the Guerillart show on August 31st and you might see her around town taking photos for Rank and Revue. When Beth grows up, she hopes to be Ozzy Osborne's bass player. There are rumors she invented the Flaming Dr. Pepper.

beth sams Countrystarr Art


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