black belt jones - jim kellyJIM KELLY
JIM KELLY, Black Belt Jones himself, will be appearing IN PERSON at the ALAMO LAKECREEK on Monday, Sept. 28th for screenings of Black Belt Jones and Enter The Dragon. There will be T-Shirts, autographs, and free panties for the first 5 women through the door!

alamo drafthouse cinema

Readers, we are heralding in a new age of coverage at Rank and Revue, starring none other than ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA. Focusing mainly on The Original Alamo Drafthouse at 409 Colorado St. in the warehouse district, this page will keep the public abreast of events going on at the theatre, as well as offer movie reviews and pictures from special events.

Be on the lookout for Alamo’s ANIME SERIES every Tuesday. Upcoming screenings include: TAMALA 2010:A PUNK CAT IN SPACE on Sept. 23rd, and Satoshi (PERFECT BLUE) Kon’s MILLENIUM ACTRESS on Oct. 21st. Documentary Series In October, be on the lookout for Alamo’s

DOCUMENTARY SERIES on Wednesdays. Attractions include: HELL’S HIGHWAY’S (doc. of highway safety films Oct. 1st.) A CERTAIN KIND OF DEATH (touted as gruesome and real Oct. 8th) and HAXAN (a
mondo style silent documentary featuring narration by Sir William Burroughs and live music score by YETI Oct. 22nd).


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