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Rank and Revue - VOL. 1, Issue 15  featuring GUERRILLART

Dear Readers,

Once again, Rank and Revue has put forth another issue of wicked reviews and compromising photos. Yes, that’s right, the staffers have been hard at work up and down the “Dogleg” to bring you the best and the worst of everything Red River. Thanks for picking up a copy of Issue 16. Oh yeah, don’t pass up Tammy Moore’s article on Super Joint Ritual. Plain and simple, it kicks butt. Also, we have finally managed to get the website up and running thanks to Beth Sams’ hard work. So, if you find the print version a bit dry, head on over to post on our brand new, snazzy message board and let us know about it.

Keep Rockin’ and Readin’
K.B. Parthemore/Publisher

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