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Emo’s Schedule
August 28th – September 10th

# - Denotes Early Show (Doors at 5 pm/Music at 6 pm)
$ - Denotes Tickets Available at Emo’s online or 33 Degrees

Thursday August 28th Antebellum
Ultimate Dragons
American Psychos

Friday August 29th ($)
The Anniversary
Grand Champeen

Saturday August 30th ($)
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness
Low Technicians

Sunday August 31st
New Pornographers
Young and Sexy
Western Keys

Monday September 1st ($)
The Appleseed Cast
The Mercury Program
Chin Up Chin Up
We Talked About Murder

Tuesday September 2nd ($)
Soundthealarm Tour

Moleatra and Crag (of Gershwin)

Wednesday September 3rd (#)
Late Show

The Vanishing
The Carlsonics
…with more TBA

Early Show

The Promise
Comeback Kid
In Control

Thursday September 4th

Friday September 5th
Sons Of Hercules
Hard Feelings

Saturday September 6th
Dressy Bessy

Sunday September 7th

Monday September 8th ($)
Murder 1

Tuesday September 9th (#) ($)
Late Show

Young Heart Attack
The Action Is

Early Show

God Forbid
Darkest Hour

Wednesday September 10th

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Warlocks


Soilent Green

Soilent Green : EMO'S : August 21, 2003

Soilent Green

Late last Thursday night, I went to Emo’s to catch New Orleans’ Soilent Green. On may way there I ran into Beth, one of Rank and Revue’s photographers. She told me she was just leaving Emo’s and that Soilent Green was a bit to harsh for her tastes, she had stuck around for a couple of songs worth of photos and the headed out. I got to Emos’ a bit after one a.m. The newly five piece band is a hybrid breed of metal band, drawing on the wide range of metal music out there, from grindcore to death metal to sludge rock. The place was pretty crowded, with a small pit in front of the stage. The first three songs I hardly got me going, the bands violent tempo changes were a bit hard to follow at first. The guitarists Brian Patton and Tony White and bassist Scott Crochet stood almost motionless as lead singer Ben Falgoust growled out his vocals over the bands sometime frenetic sometimes straight groovin’ Rock. Four songs into the set I realized the guitar and bass players weren’t moving much because the music they were playing was so intensely complicated they needed all their concentration to stay on top of what was going on. The pick hands of both guitarists were a blur at certain points, making me appreciate their talents. The drumme, Tommy Buckley was also a whir of percussive activity, keeping time for his bandmates with unerring efficiency. Before the last two songs of Soilent Greens’ set, Falgoust urged the crowd to make some noise and move towards the stage. A few in the crowd stepped forward while most stayed put as SG gave it their all for the audience.

At the end of the show I was surely glad I had gone to see Soilent Green. Watch these pages to know when they next pass through town. Check out their cool website at www.soilentgreen.net to learn more about them and hear some of their music.

-James E


Rise Against/Shai Halud/Avenged Sevenfold/At All Cost : Emo’s : August 22, 2003

Friday at Emo’s was an evening of musical calisthenics for mosh consumption. The night kicked off with At All Cost warming up the crowd with their blend of rock and roll exercising. The lead singer began with push ups and jumping jacks and the rest of the band proceeded to energize the crowd while simultaneously playing and kickboxing. I think I lost ten pounds just watching them perform and another ten pounds watching people moshing all over the place.

Next up, Avenged Sevenfold with sensually, soulful singing mingled with skillful screaming literally had the crowd spinning. If you can say that phrase five times fast you get a prize. Check out their new CD, Waking the Fallen, which came out on the 26th. It won’t disappoint.

Shai Halud then took to the stage and pumped the crowd up even further. I didn’t believe this was possible, but this crowd had a lot of pent up energy. This night was unmistakably a moshing marathon that could have gone on all night. Shai Halud’s frenzied drumming left me mesmerized by their upbeat sound. The lead singer packed a powerful punch with his jumping and explosive wailing.

Last but certainly not least Chicago boys, Rise Against. Their sound is extremely multifaceted and expansive, going from punk to thrash in a heartbeat. They kept a fast pace all through their set that actually picked up more and more speed as they progressed. It definitely kept the crowd going wild and begging for more. The crowd was so into moshing that night several people even lost their beers creating a huge mess up front. A good time seemed to be had by fans, spectators, and bands alike.

-Misty Sweet



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