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When I initially asked Rachelle to pose for a R&R centerfold issue; not only did she refuse, but was inexplicably and adamantly opposed to the idea for many months. Recently, she approached me and said she was interested. She agreed to fill in for this issue as my current subjects were proving to have high demands and have been bumped to another issue. I was surprised and had to inquire about her sudden change of heart. Apparently, my original suggestion that she wear a white wife-beater and pour water over her chest didn’t go over so well. I felt like a chicken-hawk and assured her that porn was optional. Ironically we spent a large portion of the interview discussing the benefits of having a great rack.

Rachelle has been slinging cocktails at 710 for three years. She has been bartending for six years and previously worked at Shaggy’s, Casita Jorge’s, Opal Devine, and Flamingo Cantina. Rachelle likes working on Red River, aside from the crack addicts and the occasional drunken frat boy ‘slumming’ it and demanding Red Bull. When customers get too drunk she has a creative way of cutting them off without actually letting them know. She’ll make a drink without the liquor, hands over a coke with a smile and gives it to him on the house. This usually works like a charm. The inebriated fellow is so happy to get a free drink from a pretty girl that he doesn’t notice the absence of liquor. In retrospect, I’m sure she pulled this stunt on me and my fellow R&R staffers last Thursday night as we spent six hours in the bar and refused to leave when it closed. I still can’t find my credit card.

One drunken patron probably wished he’d been the recipient of the placebo trick. He would have been better off. According to Rachelle, the bar was packed and she was working the band side. This particular customer was somewhat wee in stature and usually quite intoxicated. He started a brawl with a guy twice his side. Rachelle jumped over the bar, broke up the fight, put the small drunken brawler in a head lock, dragged him out of the bar, and tossed him out on the street. I try to offer some friendly advice to R&R readers who might require service from the people I interview. When ordering drinks from Rachelle do not demand them from her cleavage and do not order a made up shot if you don’t know what goes in it. And finally, don’t come in the bar every week, forget who she is and then hit on her all over again, unless you happen to be Bill Murray and its Ground Hog Day. Oddly, people have a tendency to come onto her while she is out with her parents.

She couldn’t say enough about her beloved co-workers and owners. Her personal mission in life is to find Seth, a manager at 710, ‘a good woman’. So ladies, inquire at the bar Thursdays and Saturdays where Rachelle will be screening applicants.

In December, Rachelle will be among the first graduating class of the newly named Texas State University in San Marcos. She works at KTSW, 89.9, the campus station. She is the assistant promotions director and books bands for ‘Live Shows at Lunch’ at the student center every other Wednesday from noon to 2 pm. The events are sponsored by Waterloo Records. Bands get airplay and the opportunity to play for a university of 25,000 students. She also designs t-shirts and flyers for the radio station. Musicians who are interested in some great exposure and free promotions contact Rachelle at rf1026@swt.edu.

Alright now for the bad news; I know she’s hot guys, but she is engaged. Her fiancé, Ian, plays for The Ends and has done design work in Casino El Camino and Head Hunters with Blue Genie Design. Check out theends.com and bluegenieart.com for information about the band or commercial design work. They are getting married in April, so offer congratulations while you try not to get caught checking out her rack. -Joelle Bart

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