The Slow Poisoner – Eviction Notice – Rocktopus! Records

The Slow Poisoner – Eviction Notice – Rocktopus! Records

Quirkier than Robyn Hitchcock and Roky Erickson on LSD and somehow locked in a bouncy castle together, Andrew Goldfarb – aka the Slow Poisoner – has been the Bay Area’s musical equivalent of John Waters for most of this millenium.

Going it solo for the most part over the last few years, the Slow Poisoner has been left to spread his unique worldview unhindered by pesky things like, say, sage advice from a more level-headed bandmate.

And thank Jesus for that. Without the freedom to let his sci-fi, horror-schlock filled imagination run wild, we may never have been treated to the otherwoldly beauty of ‘Rose of the Tentacle Pages,’ or as I like to call it, ‘mutant sex monsters.’

A mere 4 songs in length, ‘Eviction Notice’ nevertheless delivers a cross-section of Mr. Goldfarb’s dementedly awesome psyche in the form of 50s sci-fi garage-billy.

Also, I’m not sure I know what a Unicornado is, but I’m damn sure I want one.

‘A haunted vagina?’ Not so much.

Been there.

Done that.

– Trevor J Wallace


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