The Psychedelic Furs w/ Robyn Hitchcock – Live at Emo’s … by Jerry Milton

Emo’s you say? Sorta, as we are talking about the soulless shell that resides on the sacred grounds the Back Room, circa 2017. So it’s only fitting that we find the opening act for the Psychedelic Furs in the form of Robyn Hitchcock. The man has seemingly been around forever….first w/ the Soft Boys in the mid 70’s and after that an iconic solo career.  One of those acts that was seemingly always on the verge of “making it”. One of the memorable songs of the Soft Boys was “I Wanna Destroy You”.  Robyn has put out a modern video twist of that song, check it.

In between the Soft Boys and his solo career, he also had another resurgence during the MTV years w/ members of the Soft Boys, starting up The Egyptians… see if you recognize this one.

The tags via Wiki of post-punk, neo-psychedelic, jangle pop, psychedelic folk.. are totally apparent just from listening/watching those videos…never mind catching him live.  He is funny as shit, and his quick wit is all too apparent in his lyrics.  While he did have a harmonica sitting on his bar chair while on stage…he never pulled it over his head on this night. His set was a spot on lead up to the Furs.

Onward to the main event, The Psychedelic Furs, the iconic late 70’s act led by brothers Richard and Tim Burton. Richard’s tall and lanky frame is forever burned into one’s brain if you grew up as part of the MTV generation. His raspy voice is instantly recognizable.

And in case you just came out from a rock, I’ll throw this one in the mix.

Richard has always had a distinct mannerism on stage (and video) like any memorable front man.  Arms always in motion. On this night, his voice was still there… to take the crowd down memory lane. One of my pics below, followed by the set list.



















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