The Casualties w/ LCB, Applicators & Bass Line Bums – Red 7….by Jerry Milton


I hadn’t actually checked out an “inside” show at Red 7 in I dunno how long and even then I think that might add up to ONE show w/ the new stage location. Yeah, new means maybe it has been that way for a couple of years.  Who knows, as time flies when you’re an old fuck like myself. In any case, once I walked thru the doors at Red 7 on a humpday show and saw it was already packed before the opening act had even thought about starting was pause for optimism for a happening show.

First on tonight’s menu was the first of 3 local acts, and the only one that I hadn’t taken in as of yet whom go by the name Bass Line Bums. Young whipper snappers who had quite a few folks front and center for such an early opening time slot. By the looks of their Facebook page tonight would be their launch for a Summer tour.


By way of their Reverb Nation page, these dudes have been around for a good while…no surprise as I have no doubt there are 100’s of bands in this town I have no clue about which is why I haven’t thought of moving anywhere else since getting here in ’83. Music wise, well with this bill, duh PUNK RAWK. They definitely woke the crowd up from their slumber and I look forward to checking them out again once they are off the road and back in town.


With the opening act out of the way, it was time for the ladies to hit the stage….by way of The Applicators  Kristina was in town from NYC, which I thought was strange for a one off or maybe it was 2 or 3 show…..but once The Causalities hit the stage I realized that oh, I see her boyfriend is the bass player. haha.


I almost wanna say I hadn’t yet taken them in with Katy on drums. Yeah, I don’t get out much, haha. It was nice to see Smashley of Signal Lost out and about again. Not sure if she is in town just visiting from Seattle. Let’s remind ourselves what band I speak of just for the hell of it, shall we. I think the Applicators may have made a few new fans on this night with their set as the crowd was starting to swell in anticipation of LCB hitting the stage.


Like a fine tuned V-12, my buddy Bones and his Lower Class Brats rumbled onto stage hitting on all cylinders and whipped the crowd into a frenzy in no time.  Bones mentioned they hadn’t been touring much, but had been practicing A LOT so they did a couple of new songs, which ruled….their website is always worthy of checking out for the latest and the merch ya know you want.


As the night would wear on….I came to realize the biggest crowd was for LCB and it would seem a good many kids were there just for their set. Marty Volume and crew left the crowd sweaty if not already worn out on this warm Summer night.  Soon enough it was time for the headliners, The Casualties to take control of the situation at hand.


Lead singer Jorge with his jacked up teeth gives the band the perfect Lower East Side NYC vibe circa ’89 Ave C style.  Their most recent album “Resistance” was released in 2013 with the album starting off with 2:09 “My Blood, My Life, Always Forward”. On this particular night, I have no doubt as much as the kids were slam dancing, some blood was spilled…but just in case that wasn’t enough….the crowd utilized the healing powers of Lone Star spray to take the edge off.


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