The Bands of Candy Snatcher Mr. Larry May

We all remember the blood, beer and rock that involved Larry May and the Candy Snatchers. Time marches on and though the Candy Snatchers are not an active band now, there are others that are. The New York based Born Loose is touring mainly on the east coast, but there have been threats that they may head south. Larry May on Vocals, Suke on guitar, Shane Konen on bass and Eric Robel on drums. The sound is loud, in your face and definitely in your ears rock and roll. They have a new single coming out on Hound Gawd Records and it’s also available on, for those of you who have everything you listen to on your phone and laptop. They take rock and give it a good swift kick in the ass, and I honestly don’t know how Larry can pull off the screaming he does anymore, but boy howdy does he!

The Ringleaders is another band all the way over on the west coast, Los Angeles to be exact. This musical melange is comprised of Larry May on vocals, Hans Molnar on guitar, Mark Ho on bass and Tim Bender on drums. This band is comprised of ┬ámusicians in various other bands who have come together to make music with that definitive LA punk ┬ásound. It’s that sound that when you hear it you feel like going to the beach, running in the sand and possibly getting in a drunken fight. Well, at least giving someone a really dirty look while screaming your head off along with the music. The band has a record in the works, but until then I can show you a little live stuff to wet your whistle.

Don’t think this is all there is, there’s more. But it’s always good to leave the people wanting more. So enjoy the anticipation and remember, Rock and Roll isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.

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