SVETLANAS ( aka Светлан) invade TEXAS w/ Sniper 66, Avenue Rockers, The Schisms, Sabbath Crow & Füneral Käb – by Jerry Milton


Hot off the heels of this Summer’s Van’s Warped Tour, the SVETLANAS hit town and decided to stay a spell, which is lucky for Austin. I saw that they were playing in late July at Holy Mountain, but I wasn’t able to make that gig….so I made damn sure to make the show at everyone’s favorite watering hole, THE LOST WELL.

And to make sure they felt welcomed to Austin, they had local badasses Sniper 66,  The Schisms, Funeral Kab and the Lost Well’s house band fav’s Sabbath Crow.

First up was the Füneral Käb lads w/ the Psychobilly w/ a side of Punk throw in for good measure. Check out their 1717 17th Street song on Bandcamp to get a flavor.  Nice to see a local band add some SPICE to the rockabilly kick.


Next up it was time for the sharp dressing band, The Schisms. Self labeled “Gypsy/Post-Punk band”, vocal wise Peter Murphy comes to mind. Good stuff, you can check them out on Bandcamep, iTunes for their latest, or I even found an older EP on Google Music.  Vampires and old hotels indeed.

theschismsUp next was another local band I hadn’t seen or heard of before outta Corpus Christi, the Avenue Rockers….Ska Punk Rawkers, you can check out their Reverb page here yo. As by this point the crowd was starting to get restless, I didn’t get a lot of shots of them..but here is on for the record.

avenuerockersAnd before Snipper 66 hit the stage, it was what I like to call the Lost Well house band, Sabbath Crow…by way of New Orleans whom bailed to Austin post Hurricane Katrina and have never looked back.  And by saying they are the house band, I am joking. They just play here a lot and the bar flies at the Well love them like no other cuz they ROCK.  If ya haven’t seen them yet and live in Austin, get out from under the rock, yo.

K15_2635Next up, Sniper 66, whom a good bit of the rowdy crowd was there to see, as they travel WELL, so to speak. Pretty sure they organized the Svetlana gigs here in town as they’ve played before together. I think I only managed to snap like ONE picture before all hell broke lose, so I’ll use a pic from a PREVIOUS gig, if you don’t mind. They have a pretty damn snazzy website so check them out HERE. The music site on there takes you STRAIGHT to iTunes…and please tell me there are SOME of you who don’t rock a god damn iPhone….so for you, I’ll give ya the Google Music LINK. Did I mention they were PUNK? Hopefully you figured that out from their name.

snipper66And FINALLY, the band took the stage that we’d all been waiting for. Well, at least I was….by way of Russia and now it would seem Italy, the SVETLANAS. Fresh off from touring the States by way of Van’s Warped Tour (as I mentioned before) Austin was blessed to have them decide to spend the whole weekend with us playing a couple of gigs. And while Sinead O’Conner may have felt compelled to start off things by tearing a picture of the Pope…the Svetlanas had no choice but to start things off proper like by burning a picture or the USSR Supreme Commander.

svet1And with that, all hell broke lose w/ a barefoot Olga Svetlana taking over the floor, in danger of eating the microphone for dessert and casting the stink eye to anyone that wanted it. Always good to see a band at the end of their tour…which living in Austin with so many local bands, we get to see ALOT….(always my fav Butthole Surfer shows) but a welcome treat for a touring band to be hitting on all cylinders.

K15_2675No surprise they have a cool website and quite a bit of badass merch from vinyl to patches and what not….or if you are of the digital persuasion, I count no less than 5 different albums/EPs on Google Music from 2009-2015 (I’m sure it is on iTunes as well, but you can figure that out on your own). They look to have two releases in 2015, the album “Naked Horse Rider” and a split EP w/ New Cold War.  Go buy some shit. Be international. Break down the Berlin Wall. RAWK.


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