A GIANT DOG signed by Merge Records and playing FFF Fest – by Jerry Milton



Bring your dancing shoes/boots if ya happen to witness and take in A Giant Dog my friend. If the energy of lead singer Sabrina Ellis fails to get your tail shaking, call the doctor. STAT.  Her cohorts/bandmates are right there with her, with the 2 guitar attack….and if that isn’t enough, later on on this particular gig she brought on a couple of dancers to take it up a notch.  Not that they needed it.

giantdog1They started thenight off playing a few songs off their latest album “Bone” such as “Lady Slut” and “Cleveland Steven” as well as the opening song off their “Fight” album by way of “Anyway”.  Did I mention that the crowd seemingly knew every lyric and my opportunity to get shots with  dancing crowd, jumping, slamming crowd made camera work a no go. Yep. Haha. Me being the demographic that Sabrina referred to on a blog as ‘the middle-aged fan base … that’s just too grown up to thrash”. If she had only seen me in action mid 80’s tearing up the dance floor while the rest of the crowd was too cool to do so.

agiantdog2For those thinking DAMN that dress is a bit short, Sabrina let the crowd know that there was nothing really special about her panties cuz they were part of a 4 pack for $5.99. It’s the details my friend. Speaking of which, after this show, I saw via the news wire that they have been signed to MERGE RECORDS. Merge will release their new album “Pie” in early 2016.

agiantdog3And WAIT, that’s not all ! A Giant Dog will be playing this years installment of the FunFunFun Fest with their set to take place on Sat, Nov 7th at 12:30PM on the Orange Stage and as part of the free Nites action on Sunday, Nov 8th at 11:30PM on the Inside stage of “611 E. 7th” which some of you used to refer to as Red 7.  And finally, SET LIST below from their gig at The Sidewinder.


If you want some of their tunage, besides the Bandcamp link above, their albums are on Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify.  Hell I’m sure it is on the other services too, just LOOK.


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