Sabbath Crow – Carrion Highway Weird Sun

Sabbath Crow

Carrion Highway Weird Sun

Altercation Records

Hurricane Katrina was a horrible thing for a hell of a lot of people, but one happy outcome of the disaster was the relocation of J and Kristin Bybee – the heart of soul of Sabbath Crow – to Austin.

With the addition of Jeff McBride Chavez – pound for pound one of the hardest hitting drummers I have ever seen – Sabbath Crow have established themselves as the heaviest non-metal band in town.

Though their live shows have a large improvisational element, “Carrion Highway Weird Sun” establishes that they do indeed write songs and aren’t afraid to step outside the usual bounds of the heavy psychedelic/grunge sound they have perfected. Including a bowed double bass courtesy of former Dick and current Uncle Pieholer, Bufx Parrot and harmonica and sax thanks to Walter Daniels (also of Piehole as well as Bigfoot Chester), Sabbath Crow have broken genre walls with this record. When’s the last time you heard sax on a Melvins record?

Not only are they one of Austin’s best and heaviest bands, they are one of the most supportive. They support live music almost nightly and give new bands opening spots to get their foot into the scene door. Return the favor and grab ya a copy of “Carrion Highway Weird Sun.” You’ll be glad you did.

– Trevor J Wallace

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