Hammell on Trial – Night Guy at the Apocalypse Profiles of a Rushing Midnight

Hamell on Trial

The Night Guy at the Apocalypse Profiles of a Rushing Midnight

SausTex Records

Once again we are blessed with tales of lust, murder and other various and sundry forms of demented behavior courtesy of former Austinite Ed Hammell. Boasting titles such as “Slap,” “Bar Fight” and the oh-so charmingly named “Melting Snow (Kill Them All),” “Night Guy” leaves no under-handed stone unturned, narrated gleefully by your host,  in his almost spoken word style of delivery.

Recorded on his phone in late 2017 and throughout 2018 at various locations in the US, Iceland, Ireland and England, in pubs, in restrooms, in closets, even at rest stops in his car, “Night Guy” has the feel of improvisation and a look into Hammell’s seemingly slap-dash yet sincere approach to song-writing.

Though some may suggest counseling, I’m content with 13 songs exploring the seedy underbelly of existence. Catharsis through music. It’s the person NOT singing about slitting someone’s throat you have to worry about.

Also, that phone has some damn good sound.

– Trevor J Wallace

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