Heather Bishop – Flood/Bound for New Orleans

Heather Bishop

Flood/Bound for New Orleans

With her health rapidly failing, Heather Bishop has made it her mission to bring as much musical enjoyment to the world as she can. But playing around town constantly just isn’t enough. With the help of co-conspirator Danny G, Bishop put out both “Flood” and “Bound for New Orleans” late last year.

Both records are a unique blend of American styles from blues, country, soul and just down and dirty rock ‘n’ roll.

But as solid as the song-writing is, Bishop’s voice is the star of the show. With a voice as versatile as her genre-jumping song-writing, Bishop can alternate between airy and vulnerable, to angelic to a soulful growling blues.

Going to see her and her all-star band (including some Izzy Cox alumni) may be the only way to pick up these gems, so keep your eye on the listings for her shows – including every other Saturday at the Hole in the Wall – check it out!

– Trevor J Wallace

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