Punk Rock Bowling 2018 … by Jerry Milton

It’s almost time for the annual pilgrimage of Austin punks to Vegas. It’s the festival I always wished FunFunFun was in terms of talent on the bill. Plus of course BOWLING. Did I mention I carry a 195 average? “It’s a league game, Smokey”.  Taking place not on the Strip, but in much cooler Downtown Vegas. The main “Outdoor Music Fest” alone is worth attending, but the local clubs have badass gigs late night to boot. Oh yeah, and of course the bowling tournament (and other stuff like Texas Hold’em).  And what Vegas event would be complete without epic “pool parties”.  You can read a much better written synopsis of goings-on at the event HERE.

Hopefully you already have your tickets for the main event…which are still available at the time this article was written. The late night events at the clubs ALWAYS SELL OUT cuz they are dirt cheap Vegas wise, so be sure and go over to the event page to see what is left on that issue. Case in point, Austin local’s, the DEAD BOYS gig.

I’m doing this little piece just to highlight some of the bands I’ve seen in the past…bands you should already know about…but just in case you live under a rock, let’s get to it. First up TURBONEGRO.  I’ll be honest, I could do without their weird fan club. That said, the band fucking ROCKS.

Another headliner not to miss, GBH.  These dudes constantly tour and always bring it. I swear Colin Abrahall is fucking ageless.

X, need I say more ?

And finally a band fucking L7. Shot them back in the early 90’s. VERY early…and got to catch them recently as they came thru Austin.


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