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At the Nashville Pussy show back in Feb. I met Chelsea Riseman,, a key player in Project Infest. She sent me an email describing her new endeavor and this is what she had to say…

Project Infest, is a new Austin organization dedicated to exposing, promoting and supporting independent artists and musicians throughout the city.infestmultiplyA little over 3 years ago we started a DIY art / music warehouse space in South Central Los Angeles with the hopes of creating one of the largest centralized hubs for creative output and support in the area.  Throughout our occupation, we were responsible for creating a wide array of successful creative and innovative projects / events aimed specifically to help get new artists and musicians exposure to their respective underground and mainstream audiences.
Since then, we have moved on to a much larger project in size and scope right here in Austin.  As of the first week of April, Project Infest will be opening its new Austin location (The Infest) at 213 W. 5th St downtown, where Antone’s currently resides.
Though the space will still serve as a bar / venue to those looking to find new art and music, it will also be used as a community think tank and project HQ for those looking to do more than just putting on shows.infestkickoff
If you would like to find out a little more about who we are and what we’ve done in the past check out our facebook profile “Multiply Infest” or our business page “Project Infest”.

Chelsea RisemaninfestblackflierLook for an interview and update with Chelsea in the upcoming issue of Rank and Revue!

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