All Monsters Attack – Escape From Brain Mountain!

All Monsters Attack

Escape From Brain Mountain! 

Australian Cattle God Records

I was just going to write a review but then I had so many ideas for the mini novel disguised as the review I could write for this record I couldn’t decide which to go with. So I’m just going to go with blurbs and reviews with low word counts.

– This what happens when 3 über-talented musicians that have been friends for three decades are given free range. The residual trauma from a horror movie and Mountain Dew binge stayed with them since that disastrous slumber when the 3 of them were nine. And that was the trauma that happened BEFORE Matt’s drunk aunt Sheila showed up.

– I now know 3 things. Roses are only sometimes roses, a cigar is generally a Cuban phallus in your mouth and penguins will now and henceforth be known by their true nomenclature: Ice Hawks.

– Is there some law that says the more your intricate musicianship places you among the elite, the more your lyrical content puts you back into remedial culture studies? By “culture studies” I mean something above cartoons. Like the Munsters.

– “I lost my beautiful kids, a gorgeous wife and a multi-million dollar business to addiction. But after much soul-searching and extreme rehab conditions that may have possibly violated accords of the Geneva convention, I won them back! Then I heard ‘Eel Wad’ and went straight back to Hentai.”

–  This is either the most brilliantly stupid or the most stupidly brilliant record I have ever heard.

Going with six of one and a half dozen of the other. Brilliant always outshines stupid. But stupid always puts brilliance in its place.

– Trevor J Wallace


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