BLEACHED, Album of the Year… by Jerry Milton

That’s right, I said it.  Album of the Year. BOOM. So who is Bleached you ask ? From the ashes of Mika Miko, a band that was tagged with the always tough “they sound better live than on record”, the sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin formed BLEACHED in 2011 bringing on Micayla Grace (of “Leopold & His Fiction”) on Bass and Nick Pillot on drums.

In 2013 they released a very well received debut album “Ride Your Heart” which hit 18 on the Heatseekers chart. Check out the song “Next Stop”  below.

For their follow up album “Welcome the Worms” released in May of 2016 (and my ALBUM OF THE YEAR pick), they were lucky enough to lasso producer Joe Chiccarelli (Morrissey, The Strokes, Elton John).  Their song writing was fueled by personal turmoil, as so often is the case w/ badass writers. Other articles have covered it sorta in depth so suffice to say Jennifer had just gotten out of a bad relationship and her sister found herself w/o a home….so off to the studio deep in the sticks they went for solitude and the result is one BADASS album.

On this night in Austin, they opened up w/ “Trying to Lose Myself Again” followed by “Keep on Keeping On” reversing the order on the 1st and 2nd cuts off the new album.

Take a look at a few shots from the show…



I was waiting for one of my fav songs off “Sour Candy” from the new album and it finally came a little past half way thru the set…check out the performance at my go-to radio station KEXP. Its my Summer Jam for sure.

They played  a shit ton of gigs during SXSW, none of which I saw….cuz I avoid the hell that is SXSW like any other local w/ half a brain, so I’m so glad they came back not long after to do a show for locals.  Can’t wait til they hit town again. The rest of my pics from this show can be found on my Flickr account HERE.



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