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that microwave world photo by beau been

that microwave world photo by beau been

that microwave world photo by beau been

beerland, TX

The Sweethearts / The Ends / The Briefs
Beerland, Thurs, Dec 4, 2003

Somewhere, the ghosts of punk rock past were stirring and rattling their chains this brisk, downright nippy evening, celebrating the strains coming from that little cubby next to Elysium.

The Sweethearts hit the stage to a near-packed house first, channeling Poly Styrene and her X-Ray Specs (minus the sax) far more than they came off like No Doubt (whom I had heard them referred to and, frankly, I was worried about my tenuous hold on sanity had that been the case). Instead, they pulled off a set of extremely catchy but at times abrasive tunes, encouraging sporadic pogoing through nothing more than musical suggestion. All this and they’re so damn cute you just want to pat them on the head. Unless you’re some kind of creep, but I digress.

At this point I wandered down to Emo’s to see the Krumbums because I semi-drunkenly told them I would. To do this chronologically, turn to the Emo’s page.

Walking back in just in time to catch the beginning of the Ends (sorry, Suicides, two places at once, you know). Fairly drunk and somewhat distracted by this point, I’m still not sure if they sounded like a more punk rock Attractions or if the singer’s Elvis Costello Ray-Bans simply planted that suggestion in my head. Either way, they were energetic and left me wanting more.

Last came the Briefs (I feel like I’m describing a game of strip poker). Hailing from San Francisco, these polka-dot shirt and skinny tie sporting punk rockers took pogoing to a whole new level, doing the lion’s share of that particular movement themselves on stage. If you like the Ruts, the Clash or the Buzzcocks, you should certainly be kicking yourself if you missed this show.

Ah, 1977, how you still make your presence felt.

–Trevor Wallace

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