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2 Year Anniversary Party & Halloween Ball
Elysium, October 31th

Halloween is a special day for the ghouls, freaks and vampires. After all, it’s the one (and perhaps only) day that all the makeup and funny clothes are considered normal by the rest of the world. Even Ministry wrote a song early in their career about it. “Everyday is Halloween” is pretty standard fare for Goth/industrial clubs. But this spooky day also turns out to be the second anniversary of Elysium’s launch. Two reasons to celebrate equal one wild party.

Some people turned the tables on expectations and showed up dressed as normal people. One club regular was seen sporting trailer trash wear. I never got a chance to ask him if he tossed on a wife-beater underneath his trailer park logo T-shirt to complete the outfit. No discernable theme to patrons’ outfits could be found. There were superheroes, elves, Harry Potter characters, and even Hans and Franz made a drunken appearance to pump us up.

Everyone was ready for a night of partying. The bar was packed by midnight; the dance floor was too. DJs The Gothfather and Pumpkin Spice churned out some Goth club favorites along with newer Goth dance tunes that are sure to be hits soon. The club wasn’t completely packed. I’d wager some decided not to partake in the madness that Sixth Street becomes on any kind of party holiday. Parking was scarce, and the drag was closed down to accommodate revelers who wanted to get their drink on early.

I didn’t get a chance to catch the results of the costume contest. After all, Halloween is the holiday for freaks, and I had many more parties at which I needed to show off my pierced and tattooed self. I bet one of the scantily-clad superheroines took home the grand prize, though. Hot chicks get all the luck.

–Brian Clarkson



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