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beerland, TX

The Mona Jane
Beerland, October 23, 2003

Closing my eyes I felt like it was 1983 in a dank pub in Ireland listening to an up and coming post punk band by the name of U2. Opening them I realize I’m in Beerland on Thursday night rocking to different up and comers The Mona Jane. Their tunes were melodic, upbeat and hypnotic although I wish I could have heard the vocals better (not their fault). It took me back to earlier days when there was less Cow-punk, Pysco-billy and Shock-rock going on around me (not that those are bad things) and bands played straight Rock without the need for a category. The Mona Jane is easy on the ears as well as the eyes considering I spied one of those hot derby girls (Rolletta Lynn) rolling out the riffs on lead guitar. I look forward to checking them out again and you should too. Maybe we’ll get a whole boobie next time! You can get more of The Mona Jane at you guessed it www.themonajane.com -Beau Been

Free Speech Benefit
Beerland, October 29, 2003

Do you ever feel like you are in the twilight zone? I felt like I was in some other realm of musical dimensions when I went to the Free Speech Benefit at Beerland last week. I mean, where else can you hear heavy metal, garage band, bluegrass and punk rock all in the space of a couple of hours? I didn’t even stay for the whole show, but I can only guess what band might perform next—pop, rap, opera?

The first two bands proved that you don’t have to be understood or quiet to speak your mind. Who cares if nobody can understand what you’re singing about or hear you because their eardrums are shot? As long as people seem to be enjoying your music, it doesn’t matter. The third band had the opposite problem—nobody could hear them. Several people in the audience kept on screaming during their set to turn it up, though this didn’t stop them from jamming. I have to admit, though, I could hear the conversations of the people across the room better than I could hear the band.

The highlight of the night was a performance by the Sweethearts. I mean, with “sweet” in your name, how can you be bad? The Sweethearts just so happen to be a really cutesy, poppy band that sings and plays their sweet little hearts out. The band is made up of Brownsville natives Linette (vocals) and Ren (guitar) and Austin boys Kyle (bass) and Joel (drums) they will make you feel like a kid again with songs about dating, breaking up and other crazy teenage mayhem. Look for their new album, L.U.V., a title which should give you a pretty good idea of what kind of music they play. –Misty Sweet

Boss Martians/The Converters
Beerland, October 20, 2003

The Converters highlight the harmonica styling of resident Beerland boy, Randall Stockton. A high energy performer, he will leave you wanting to fall exhausted to the floor after the band’s set. After all, Stockton himself laid on the floor after the last song for a good minute or so before helping his fellow band members pack up their gear. This band literally converts the blues weary and gives them a new perspective on this musical style. The Converters are a band not to be missed live; they will make you jam.

Then the Boss Martians invaded the stage with their fun, lively rock and roll. They pick you up off of your seat and place you front and center for their classic rock performance. The Boss Martians are a four-piece band from Seattle that blends classic guitar music (reminiscent of 70s rock), pop lyrics, and keyboard harmonies. They are just so much fun to see live. These guys, obviously influenced by a lot of different musicians, put everything in a blender and come up with a wonderful musical concoction. It is easy to see why they have been making music for the past decade and continue to have a loyal fan base.

The song “I Am Your Radio,” a real sing-along song, will reverberate in your head for days and is featured on their new critically acclaimed album, The Set-Up, just released on October 21. For all you poor souls who missed this wonderful performance, do yourself a favor and pick this album up at once. –Misty Sweet


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