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Rank and Revue - VOL. 1, Issue 19,  featuring Alex Jones by James “Blackhole” E.

Dear Readers,

Issue #18. What can I say? It’s about time we had a feature story on one of Austin’s most well know voices – Alex Jones. Yes, we are a music magazine and we intended this issue to coincide with the September 11th anniversary, but we decided out of respect to those who lost loved ones on that day, that we would leave the re-examination of those events to America’s own “Faux News Channel” “MSNBC” and such. So, now that all hub-bub has been settled, our little music magazine presents to you a laid-back chat among one of our most hard working writers James “Blackhole” E. and Alex Jones himself. Enjoy.

Keep Rockin’ and Readin’

K.B. Parthemore


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