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For some people, the name Alex Jones is synonymous with nutcase, or screwball. When I first caught one of his local cable access shows a few years ago, my first reaction was to say to myself: “What a conspiracy nut.” Like a nut with its’ hard exterior that can seem impossible to crack, Jones’ infamous shouting and raving enshrouds a meaty message well worth the concentration to get to.

You see, Jones calls himself a patriot and a constitutionalist, someone who holds the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the highest regard. “But hey,” you might say to Mr. Jones if you met him on a street here in Austin, “aren’t we all patriots?” You’d probably get a good ten minute explanation of how the current administration is tearing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to shreds with the Patriot Acts 1 and 2, which is a direct result of Bush letting the attacks of 9/11 take place.

“But Mr. Jones!” you might exclaim, “Of course they had warnings as reported in countless mainstream media outlets, but they just didn’t have the tools necessary to put the pieces together.” At this point in this illustrative dialog Mr. Jones might tell you to go to his website, WWW.INFOWARS.COM and see the press reports he has posted as well as a secret document leaked to the BBC signed by President Bush that reportedly orders federal agents to stop investigating Al-Qaida operatives two weeks prior to the events of September 11th, 2001. And before you kN.W.O. it, Mr. Jones will be, at least in your mind, waxing conspiratorially on your ass, telling you about the Bush family’s connection to the Bin-Ladens, the CIA pressuring INS to let some of the 9/11 highjackers back into the US, and countless other examples of how the Bush administration willingly let the tragedies take place.

Shocking revelations to say the least. But wait, there’s more. Mention the term ‘New World Order’ to some people and they might say, “Yeah that Ministry video with a caricature of Bush Sr. gyrating, that was cool.” Jones would say that the US government as well as most other governments are run by an elite global group of families calling themselves the New World Order. In his book, 9-11: Descent Into Tyranny, based on the video with a similar name, 9-11: Descent Road to Tyranny, Jones states on page five, paragraph four: “The New World Order is a synthesis of the survivors of empires, of super-merchant families, of barbarian kings, of banking families established in the Middle Ages, and of the royal families of Europe.”

The general synopsis of what Jones is saying in his videos and on his talk shows is that the global elite, the groups illustrated in the quote above, are pushing in all areas of society on a global level towards the whole of planet Earth being under one system of government. How do they do this you ask? By creating crises that spur populations to clamor for protection. Jones calls it the Hegelian dialectic. Those in power create a crisis such as a terrorist act and then in a show of doing something about the crisis, they take away rights and freedoms. Jones gives many illustrations in the video and book versions of 9-11 Descent into Tyranny.

Starting way back in the past with Rome, Jones points out how in AD 64, Nero set fire to Rome so he could successfully purge Rome of what the fiddle playing emperor saw as “the Christian menace.” Blaming the fire on the Christians, he gave the populace a rallying point, an excuse to send hundreds of innocent people to their deaths in the coliseums. And that’s just the first example. Jones goes on up through history and gives more examples of “the Hegelian dialectic;” Hitler burning the Reichtstag, the April 19th, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK, and ends with a lengthy showing of the evidence for how the N.W.O.-controlled US government was responsible for letting 9-11 happen.

The evidence for Jones’ claim of government complicity in regards to 9-11 consists partly of news reports pulled off the Internet from various mainstream media sources. A lot of the reports are from overseas media outlets such as the BBC as well as the generally well-respected Associated Press & Reuters news agencies. Included as evidence is a document called “W199-I”, accounts of various whistleblowers from the US military and espionage complexes, and reports of warnings to government leaders from various agencies and governments from around the world.

Document W199-I is a reportedly secret document leaked to the BBC from somewhere inside the US espionage net. There is an illustration of said document in Jones’ book which shows a photocopied document titled SECRET with a subtitle “ARAB SEEKING TRANSPORTATION TO CANADA” Another photocopied document haphazardly lays on top of the first, obscuring most of the underlying text. What you can read of it appears to be an informant reporting an incident about a suspicious Arab man wanting to leave the US. The document on top of the first appears to be a background report on the Arab suspect. There does not appear to be any presidential signature upon either document. Jones uses this document as evidence that “Dubya” Bush threatened US agents to back off the trail of Osama bin Laden.

Jones also uses accounts about whistleblowers from inside the US intelligence agencies such as FBI Special Agent Robert Wright as evidence supporting his claims. Agent Wright held a press conference with his lawyers and stated that the Bush administration knew about the attacks and let them happen and that he had been threatened by his superiors if he told the press what he knew. Another whistleblower tale is of Lt. Col. Steve Butler who sent a letter the Monterey Herald accusing Bush of prior knowledge and subsequently threatened with court martial.Going even further Jones reports that multiple agencies and governments sent the US warnings about the WTC attacks days and even months before 9-11, such as Israel, Germany, France and Russia, citing sources such as The London Times and the Russian newspaper Pravda.

All of this taken together seems overwhelming. It is, it is. Watching even one of Jones’ documentary films leads to information overload. Jones’ easily excited manner leads to rapid-fire exposition of the facts he gleans from the world wide news, sometimes so rapid you can hardly keep up. I talked with Alex Jones recently at local film producer Kevin Booth’s video/sound studio and here is what he had to say when I asked him what he thinks the N.W.O.’s next big move will be. Be prepared to get a lesson on how convoluted all this is, but stick with it, Jones says something near the end of this text that is worth reading.

JE: So what do you think the New World Orders’ next big move is going to be. Like the most visible move that Joe Public could probably see for themselves without too much thought involved I guess? I mean is it going to be another terrorist act like 911?

AJ: There have been yes. The Bali bombing it turns out from the evidence was globalist forces, the latest bombings in Saudi Arabia, globalist forces. I mean this stuff actually comes out in foreign papers, real evidence. Most of the bombings in England have been the British government. Most bombings in Israel are actually the Israeli government, they had founded Hamas, that’s Herotz admitting it. We told the average person, they go “That’s insane!”, “That’s anti Semitic.” Or you can say “The British government’s behind terror” (the average person would say) “Oh, you’re anti British.” No, it’s we’re against the corrupt people that run these governments and oppress their own people out of the terror they carry out in the name of protecting them. But certainly the government said “Brace for biological, brace for chemical, we’re going to have to take all your rights, it’ll be a 'new way of life' and for your safety.” It’s freedom plus. Freedom plus limits on that freedom. That’s what they’ve been trying to sell us. They tried to deny the Patriot Act 2 even existed, N.W.O. they admit it. They try to say the Patriot Act doesn’t affect citizens or other crimes, N.W.O. they admit it's going to be for everybody. It’s the end of America. Even the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The most visible thing is as you said, more terrorism. Until the point that enough people understand that even if it wasn’t the government or elements of the government carrying out terror, it’s still the same things happening. They are doing nothing to stop terrorism and everything to use this (terrorism) to oppress us and control our lives. And the biggest thing that’s happening is the biometrics and thumbscanners going in the schools, the thumbscanners going in grocery stores. Tearing out the normal checkout lines were you have service with a human being there, making you go to self-serve and making you biometrically scan. DARPA, the federal government with the cameras and the RF chips that are going to replace the bar code which will track you everywhere you go and what you do. They are announcing satellite tracking and taxation to drive a car. Just this total surveillance package. In 1996, they passed a law that all new cell phones by October 1st, 2001, would have to have a satellite tracking beacon in them. I wrote and raved about this and people’d go: “That’s insane.” I’d go: “Well here’s the federal report, here’s the law.” They’d say: “We’ll never put up with that.” And then September 11th comes and they (the feds) go: “Oh, we’re doing this because of the terror attack.” They passed a law in ’96 for October 1st 2001, right when they passed the Patriot Act and all that, and all the big cell phone makers were ready and put it in there. So N.W.O. all the new cell phones track you down to just a few feet of were you are at. And they admit Homeland Security is dialed into that. Television Week, a big industry magazine said “Oh yeah, your digital cable? It watches what you watch.” It’s like computer cookies, and Homeland Security can dial in through it and listen to what you are doing in your home. And oh, Onstar? MSNBC reported, “yeah they really do work with Homeland Security and they can tune via the audio in your car and listen to what you’re doing.” That’s Winston in 1984. You kN.W.O., that’s the telescreen. They’re doing it. It’s always in the name of safety, “we’re going to protect you.” When they bust into peoples houses and shoot old ladies to “stop drugs”, again they bring in the drugs to create the crisis. It’s broken up on the street, it has a higher price because it is illegal, that causes crime to be generated by the junkies that want to get it, the crackheads that want to get it. They (crackheads et al) break into your house, you call for more cops and they (the cops) run around in black ski masks oppressing the general public instead of stopping people that actually brought the drugs in to begin with, that’s their (the cops) bosses.

This stuff is so overt, three years ago, the head of the New York Stock Exchange went down to meet with the Colombian communist guerillas, the FARC, and said, this was in the newspaper, and said “You invest your money with us or we’re gonna have an invasion force come down there.” And they (the FARC) said “You kN.W.O., we’ll make our own drug money thank you.” That’s about you kN.W.O., a third of Colombia. Suddenly the invasion began, the spraying of the cocoa plants. But here’s the problem, they are only doing it in the FARC areas. It’s about a monopoly, a monopoly of production and general massive distribution in the major pipeline and it’s broken up at lower levels and used as the crisis to take over our freedoms. Just like the Boxer Rebellion, it’s the same story with the British (in China), how they got control of the ports, how they got control of the roads, how they corrupted local officials. China would not let opium into their country it was so destructive. And so they said “No, none of this.” And then the British knew that was a way to get in, so they used that to take the country over, and bring it down and break it up into eight different pieces. This has been done before. And the Roosevelt family and others in this country owned the share, the American distribution for British East Indian Company and opium. And so after Prohibition, they knew by making alcohol illegal, that would jack up the price and make them more profits. And they all, the Kennedys, and the Roosevelts and all the rest of them, and the family up in Canada that owns Seagrams, they all understood that if they brought in Prohibition, that would boost their profits. Then when the people revolted, at the end of nine years of Prohibition, they said, “Well, we’ve got to do something.” The year after Prohibition ended in came marijuana, “Reefer Madness.” Gotta bust people, you kN.W.O., oh this laudanum, it’s always been sold in stores, a very low level of addiction in this country, opium being sold in stores, a kid could go buy it. We gotta outlaw that, we gotta do all this because they were controlling those illegal drugs and wanted to continue that under-the-counter black market. And that is all we see here today is seventy years of the elite artificially increasing the price of a commodity they control. And then using it as a police state to enslave us on top of it. And packing the prisons full of workers in these quasi-public/private prisons building little goodies, little widgets and such. And the good old boys say “Well, we need to go ahead then and put everyone in prison. Great, I’m glad we got 7 million people in prison, oh wonderful, I’m proud of that, stop the criminals.” Wait a minute, (The good ol’ boys say) “make them criminals work.” Well that criminal works for 20 cents an hour competing against your job, that’s one of your jobs gone. You’re not just competing with Mexico, China or India, you’re competing with all these people in this country. So you see what I mean, there’s so many rabbit trails, so many effects, so many different sections of the general paradigm, (you) try to go down any one of them, it breaks off into so many other different areas when you (try to) explain this to people. But it is better for them to just start making the connections for themselves, and once that happens it’s a chain reaction. People all over the place are having this renaissance, this revelation of understanding, a great enlightenment, an awaking is happening. And so the establishment senses that, and that’s why you suddenly see all the anti drug ads, and all the ads about how busting people and taking their liberties is good and how the world is flat, shut up accept it.

When I asked Jones what people needed to be doing to stop total enslavement by the N.W.O he had this to say:

“These are all huge questions, and you know I don’t have all the answers. But I know that just thinking for yourself, questioning authority, knowing history. You know the old cliché “Those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” and we see that playing out again. There’s this naive view that everything’s fine, let’s just go with total escapism. Well, that’s going to end your escapism, that’s going to end this cakewalk that we’ve had in this civilization because there are people who want to dominate you and they don’t care if you have good life or a nice life, they are only held at bay because they can’t con everyone into accepting total enslavement.”

The important message I see in the preceding interview excerpts is that people should go out and think for themselves and make their own judgement. Jones believes with conviction that you will see the truth of the New World Order. Go to Jones’ website www.INFOWARS.COM and check out the news postings, sift through the pages’ content and make your own decisions. Or better yet, get your hands on copies of Jones various video documentaries including 911: The Road to Tyranny, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove (an undercover expose’ on the N.W.O’s vacation/Babylonian owl god worshipping spot), Police State 2000 (an expose’ on the militarization of Americas law enforcement), Police State 2: The Takeover (an extension of the first Police State video), Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Exposed (a run through of the disparity between various US government financial institutions reported income and how much they are actually worth) and Police State 3: Total Enslavement(even more evidence of the N.W.O. and their tyrannical vision of a one-world government.) Witness for yourself what Jones calls mounting evidence of the takeover of America by the N.W.O. controlled United Nations.

Alex Jones’ syndicated radio show airs on KWNX AM 1260, from 11am-2pm, and 9pm-Midnight, Monday thru Friday.

-James E

Music for the N.W.O. fighting rebel:

JE: So, since we are a music magazine that I’m interviewing you for, I have a few questions relating to music.

AJ: Sure!

JE: This might sound kid of cheesy but..

AJ: No, no...hey man you’re great.

JE: What are your top five favorite bands of all time? It doesn’t have to be five, I mean two or three something like that.

AJ: Well there’s been a process of listening to music but obviously when I was a teenager I liked Metallica they were forward on the radio and there was a political message there about the New World Order, really the early Metallica music you do hear all that. I always liked classical music, I like the old classic country. I like the George Strait stuff, the Johnny Cash stuff, I like that, really its an eclectic, I mean I listen to a lot of different types of music. I like choral music, I like Beethoven, some of his Christian songs, those are really powerful. I just like a whole spectrum of music, but I don’t like much of the pop, or the kind of stuff we see that is constantly being spewed. I really can’t stand most of hip-hop cars because I mean you hear one song you’ve heard ‘em all. “I got cars, I got gold rolls super she got the Cadillac,” and you know that is such establishment destruction of our youth where they don’t feel like they have any value for ideas or beliefs its just all about image and just a veneer so that kind of music just really disgusts me, because it is meant to destroy whole generations. I can’t stand Madonna, Brittany Spears, its just all that cynical manipulation of the society, its just really very offensive.

JE: Are you aware of any bands currently that have like issues relating to the New World Order?

AJ: Yeah, there is a lot of them. A lot of bands they just put little messages in there. I mean talking about hip-hop, Eminem has that song about Kings of the New World Order, the Rhodes Scholars, how its all a big scam. I actually know Eminem has actually done a few songs talking about the New World Order out of the group called Guerilla News Network and that’s when he started getting attacked for doing some anti New World Order stuff, not all the pop stuff you see on TV, but I’m still not a big fan of that music. There is a rapper called Paris, who has just amazing songs about how the government carried out September 11th. I know that Tool has a lot of comments about the false reality. I know that there is a lot of music, I listen to music. I’m so busy now. I mean I work generally about fourteen to sixteen hours a day so I don’t have a lot of time to focus in particularly on music, but I hear lot of it in the music talking about oppression, the New World Order, the false reality. I mean there is a lot of bands out there that are talking about it, from rock and roll to even punk rock, country, I mean you do hear it but generally its not going to be the stuff you hear getting spewed twenty four hours a day. Maybe later I can think of some others because there’s a bunch back there, I just can’t get to it.

JE: I was particularly thinking of System of a Down that has..

AJ: That’s who I was trying to think of the name of, yeah they got that song..

JE: “Prison Planet”, I mean “Prison Song” I think is what it is called..

AJ: Yeah, yeah..

JE: ..about how they (the NWO) want to turn the country into a giant prison to keep all us “drug users” in.

AJ: Yeah, System of a Down, that was on the tip of my tongue. Yeah I’ve heard some of those songs on the radio and it seems like they know all about it, it’s pretty sophisticated what they are describing. Yeah thas what I mean, I’m thinking of about ten different and blam hitting on the spot when I’m thinking of bands

JE: Do you play any instrument yourself?

AJ: No. I play that kazoo right over there, that is when I do music with Kevin when we produce songs that’s my instrument right there. In fact let me play it for folks right now. (Jones gets kazoo off studio wall and tries to play it, Kevin Booth our gracious host tells Alex to “hum while you blow,” and Alex gets a few pathetic dying-cat notes from the kazoo.)

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