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Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising

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The Cruxshadows


The Cruxshadows
Elysium, September 11, 2003

Few bands outside of arena rock put as much effort, as much preparation, and as much care into a performance as The Cruxshadows. Despite issues with their tour van they put on one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. Some could easily pigeonhole this band as just another Goth band but their intelligent lyrics (which draw heavily from Greek mythology, Egyptian symbolism and mutated personal experience), their use of violin alongside electronics and other instrumentation and their near-destruction of the boundary between audience and performer belie much more than another hand-stapled-to-forehead band.

Rogue delivered each song powerfully. His well-known stage-climbing antics weren't easily accomplished given Elysium's layout, but he was wandering through the crowd during many songs. At one point he even pulled a tall chair from the bar area, planted it in the middle of the dance floor, and climbed on top of it. The tightly choreographed dance routines were impeccable; the beautiful, scantily clad dancers provided a different but still visceral interpretation of the songs. The also beautiful Rachel provided evocative and melancholy accompaniment on violin.

I didn't go into the show expecting much, but I left a fan. It's extremely rare to find a band in most alternative of underground scenes that put so much effort and care into creating an entire performance. Most these days stand on stage and play some songs live; The Cruxshadows bring together a complete visual, aural, and visceral experience.

- Brian Clarkson

Scorpio Rising
Elysium, September 16, 2003

Tuesday nights at Elysium – one of their standard live music nights. I don't know who decided to give these South Austin folks some stage time. Their self-proclaimed "South Austin Dance Music" brought back painful memories of junior high school, Aqua Net-filled vertical bangs and bad disco music.

The three-piece band (and I use the term loosely here) tried their best to pump up the ten or so people left in attendance. (Most, it seemed, were there to see one of the opening bands, Jasmine Reign.) Try as they might this band just could not get anyone going. Perhaps it was the bad, squealing "Oooie oooie" so popular among 'disco biscuits' from the early 80s. Perhaps it was the fact that the whole show was more like a practice session on a stage than a performance. Perhaps it was just that "South Austin Dance Music" is horrible. Who's to decide? Unfortunately, anyone who was in attendance that night can make the call.

-Brian Clarkson

Mistress Tinkerhell's Fetish Show
Elysium Nightclub, September 18, 2003

Elysium tries to put on events that have a variety of underground appeal. This fetish show was supposed to draw out the crowds of local fetish and BDSM enthusiasts but the crowd in attendance was composed of gamer dorks, random drunk guys too cheap to pay for a strip joint and a very small goth contingent. I think horny guys outnumbered anyne else by at least a two-to-one ratio. I saw one middle-aged guy videotaping the performance; I know he wasn't there with the performance troupe.

The night actually consisted of two shows. The first was roughly themed 'the corruption of an angel'. A male and a female dark angel had their evil way with the good angel. All in all, the performance was rather hot – until I overheard some of the drunk honry patrons. Most of the BDSM mainstays were used: the good angel girl was tossed around, flogged and candle-waxed. The second show was a battle of good angels against bad angels with, of course, the bad angels winning. The whole angel theme has been used in fetish shows over and over again; this wasn't a groundbreaking, novel performance. It was a chance to see attractive, scantily clad chicks prancing around onstage.

-Brian Clarkson



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