The Surlys…by Aimee Lane

THE SURLYS – self-produced debut album

Released Jan. 2015

surlys cover front


Nobody ever gets away... Yeah girlzzz I’m drinking the kool-aid.

Like straight-driven Stones/Ramones/Runaways hooks and tones that get to the fucking point? Listen to THIS RECORD – their first debut, The Surlys recorded by Gian Ortiz. Y’all better be up for a commitment. Soon as you put in the Surlys your ears are hit with a fuzzed-out BASS groove and then wham!! – epic song ensues: QUEEN.

I love that RC follows Beky’s soul with guitar goddess nonchalant prowess…Watching this little nymph shred is one of my favorite things in life. She babysat for trade in guitar lessons… I know that because she told me. The dude who lays it all down in a hunky driving rock-n-roll riding pinata parade is Habbib [drummer Kevin White]. Straight up rock. Easy to fall in a trance. Beky… oh Beky. How can I say YOU ROCK in a different way than,.. you kill it, girl. Your voice and fuzzed out heavy bass riffs accentuate your deep Birthday Party, Misfits-esque slumber… Lyrics streaming from an inner turmoil… singing about wanting to dance… lookin for a new romance – ANTS – that song is so fuckin Joey and Johnny Dee Dee fuck! I’m not looking for a new romance now dudes.

I love tacos and your song about 12th AND CHICON!

Keep empowering… and for all you readers: this CD IS worth a listen.


– Aimee Lanesurlys cover backsurlys proof bw disc


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