Sound On Sound Fest Preview


Sound on Sound Fest looks to be the upgraded but just as weird replacement of the now deceased Fun Fun Fun Fest, happening November 4th, 5th & 6th at Sherwood Forest in McDade, Texas. With a diverse mix of indie, punk, hip hop and metal bands on the line up, plus comedians and panels, anyone with a shred of coolness has at least a reason to be curious about it. It’s a bit unusual to see “Carcass” listed against sunshine yellow, baby blue and pink graphics. Is this an alternate universe Carcass? No, I’ve confirmed that this is Jeff Walker’s Carcass of Liverpool, England, composers of the albums Heartwork, Necroticism, Reek of Putrefaction and Surgical Steel. Does this mean that it is going to be hip to like Carcass now? Will that overrated celebrity family who I won’t give any more publicity to trade in their Slayer T’s for Carcass T’s? With this fest located on the wooded grounds of the well known Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire, I’ve been asked if I’m dressing medieval for this event.  Is this fest even related to the Ren Faire? Will Robin Hood be there? No one can be sure. Either way, I bet we will see at least one knight, jester, lord and lady simply because of the location. Tickets are more affordable than SXSW or ACL. Woodstock style camping is encouraged. Day Passes are an option as well, and day drinking along with it. Does McDade have Uber? Shuttles are available to the Austin Fairgrounds. If the FFF experience (with woods) is your thing and possibly wizards, Sound on Sound sounds like a sound investment.


Madame X


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