LA Guns @ The Belmont – by Jerry Milton



I found out late in the game that LA Guns was blowing into town, but just in the nick of time to make the show. I did a little “homework” on who is currently in the band and had no clue as to how EXTENSIVE the wiki page on past member is, WOW. Naturally it chronicles the whole Guns part of it too. Long story short, the band I would be seeing would consist of Phil Lewis who has been the vocalist more or less since ’85 w/ Steve Riley on drums, that joined the band around the same time. And given the multitude of incarnations of 2 different bands (there is/was the “Tracii Guns” version there for a while too) it is quite impressive those dudes have stuck it out.  Rock N Roll indeed.

Tonight’s show would be taking place at the cool outdoor venue of The Belmont and usually I would be shooting from the deck overlooking the show, but as was the case of the Peter Murphy show, my beloved long lens was still in the clutches of Nikon repair in parts unknown, so I was front and center of the stage. In hindsight, I’m glad that was the case.


Yes the picture doesn’t lie, Phil started the show by hitting the stage wearing some sorta pig face contraption. There was a cool vibe in the audience as I reckon folks that did show up had to be undoubtedly long time LA Gun fans. Right away it was apparent that Phil and Steve had procured a young gun on guitar (pun intended) by the name of Michael Grant.  Sure enough he was even sporting a cool western gun leather gun belt strapped to his leg that was a rock and roll “man bag” of some sort.  Attire aside he was WAILING from the get go.  You get the idea from the pic below.


I’m so clueless I had no idea the Phil was British until he started speaking between songs.  I mean they are called the LA Guns. But with his wacky sense of humor dress wise, I should have known.  Seems like a cool bloke and his vocals were spot on for this type of music and the bands enthusiasm the whole set was stellar.  They have 21 albums to pick from on Google Music, give ’em some love.

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