Dazed the Story of a Grunge Rocker by Nikki Palomino – by JEH


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A fast, good read from veteran writer Nikki Palomino. The story of Eric, a hapless yet genius artist, poet and musician and all the people in his life, who all take second place to heroin. The story is told with terrific insight and a poetic lyricism throughout. The characters are interesting and hold their own in the story against a main character with such a gigantic ego it could be about him alone.  Written from her life experience with runaways, junkies and rockers the story comes from the heart and the head. This is the first part of a trilogy published by New Haven Publishing. Nikki also has a weekly talk show Monday evenings on http://whatever68radio.com where she talks to artists of all kinds.For further info on this book and the author go to http://newhavenpublishingltd.com.

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photos used with permission of Nikki Palomino and New Haven Publishing Ltd.


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