To all the bands who feel like I scammed for a free CD, sorry.

I get easily distracted by ego, big boobs and tin foil. Or anything, really.

This time it was comedy and re-adjusting to having no responsibilities other than what I impose on myself. Which means I went ape-shit. And when I settled down, something dumb would happen like having a computer die. Everything is connected, I know this, so less than a year from 50, this shit has got to stop.

Sooooo, I hope the bands that had albums come out LAST YEAR that are just now getting a review see a small spike in sales.

And fair warning: I’m armed again. Pretty soon I won’t be a drunk watching the band. I’ll be a drunk in the band you’re watching.

My weapon of proficiency. Big bro Tenor next. Then a soprano (“My Favorite things”), a clarinet (why not?) and a flute. Because by the gods, I will someday get a note from a flute. Stupid Embouchure.

Look out, Walter Daniels! You ain’t the only sax ho in town no mo.

– Trevor J Wallace

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