Charged GBH @ Red 7 …. by Jerry Miltlon


It was 1985 and while I thought Fishbone was GOD with a side of Black Flag, Butthole Surfers, The Replacements and the like…my buddy Alfred White would always set me straight that GBH was the shit.  Naturally I knew everything back then as I do now, and thought it must be the Mandrax he was smoking.


Eventually I came around to see the light, although I wish I was a fan back then with Alfred.  Oh well, no time like the present to get ripped apart, eh? So I rumbled on down to the mighty Red 7 (side note: I typed “ROOM ” before stopping.  Yes, that is how my mind operates…there is a ‘7’ so it must be Room 710.)  Anyway there were some opening bands you might know:  Total Chaos, along with everyone’s favorite rager from Round Rock, Dave along with his cohorts The Krum Bums.  As they announced onstage, this was to be  one of their only Austin shows,  at least with Trae at the helm anyway.



Naturally the Krum Bums tore up the stage proper like….the crowd was in a pit frenzy. I had JUST gotten there before they hit the stage, so no pictures to shared of their set, SORRY. It can best be summed up by the bloke that was puking upchuck after upchuck during their set…and then falling over shirtless and doing the backstroke in his own puke.  Texas IS the Reason.


setlistOnward to the mighty GBH.  They didn’t come to play. as their setlist would include 22 blistering ragers. Kicking things off with “Unique”, I’m unique/ you’re obsolete’ Haha!  And then right into “Race Against Time”.  Hell, I’ll just paste in the set list here….Click on it to take you to the page that’ll teach you to play each song if you’re desperate for PUNK as FUCK (1998)  These old timers brought it, plain and simple.

Do yourself a favor.  Get their albums by any means necessary.  There are a shitload out there and I have yet to come across one, regardless of whether it is studio or live that doesn’t fucking RAWK.  I’d pay money every fucking night of the week to see these blokes tear it up.



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